What They Were Chatting -Real MOMS Real Road Trip Ideas

Each week on the 24/7 MOMS Live webcast our viewers chat great REAL MOM ideas and tips. This week our mom viewers shared their ideas and tips on the topic Family Road Trip.

Road Trip Survival Kits:

To get the best deals on Road Trip Survival items, shop for them:

During school supply sales, at yard/garage sales, thrift stores, at the dollar store, etc.

Items to Include In Your Road Trip Survival Boxes:

For the Kids:

Pipe cleaners

Silly puddy (if you think it won’t end up in the wrong places)

Earphones (as well as perhaps ear plugs for mom n dad-lol!)

Travel Size Board/Card Games

Crayola Color Wonder or Color Explosion supplies

For the Family:

A basic First Aid Kit, including all the regular medications your family takes daily and emergency medications your family could need: Neosporin, Advil for Mom n Dad, Children’s Tylenol/Benadryl, Itch/pain relief cream, Band-Aids, medical tape, small tweezers, scissors, sunscreen, q-tips, thermometer, diaper rash cream, safety pins, needle n thread, )etc.

Blankets and Pillows for car comfort and for sleeping in hotels and camping sites.

Ziploc bags, garbage bags, and closures for bags (Chip Clips and/or clothes pins

Earphones (as well as perhaps ear plugs for mom n dad-lol!)

Books (and new books that they have not read yet)

Favorite music CDs or MP3 players (don’t forget extra batteries)

Travel Size Board/Card Games

Travel DVD Player (if your car is not equipped with one) and DVDs

Road Trip Activity Ideas:

Playing games in the car: The alphabet game or the license plate game

Music played by mp3 players

Watch tv and play video games

Kids love card games

Talking books from the library

Audio Suggestions: Harry Potter on audio, Jonathan Park (JonathanPark.com), Life at the Pond (LifeatthePond.com) –Download/purchase this Christian radio program for toddlers), Ilovewavs.com.

Books on tape/CD: The library has selections of these. Also find them from focus on the family, (Adventures in Odyssey, for example). Download them from: Lightupyourbrain.com,

Car bingo; finding items, letters of the alphabet, or colors outside the window. (Make your own boards with clipped pictures from magazines, colors & letters)

Find the Item, Get a Treat Game”:- they need to look for things out the window on the trip, and each time they find one of the things, they get to open a prize bag that will have various toys, treats, etc.

Creating their own scrapbook: Find a notebook, sketch book, or blank paper-paged scrapbook. Have the kids draw, write, or color their memories in this book. Collect postcards and brochures for easy photos. If your kids are too young to write, transcribe their words.

From the 24/7 MOMS LIVE Webcast August 4, 2009 – Thanks Amy for taking notes for us

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