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Pretend & Play® Little Learners Backpack for $29.95! Encourage school readiness and positive feelings about school through role play of classroom routines. Set promotes dressing skills using the backpack’s zippers, laces, buttons, buckles, and snaps. Includes 18 pieces: pencil holder, stencil shape ruler, assignment notebook, mix and match milk carton, three jumbo crayons, calculator, ID card, lunch bag, five-piece magnetic counting apple, one sheet of stickers, hand pointer, activity book, and nylon backpack. Nylon backpack measures: 10″ L x 6″ W x 14″ H. Calculator requires one button-cell battery (included). Ages 3-6. Available here:

Tag…you’re it! Similar in style to Converse and Pumas.. Graffeeti gives teens their own the ability to tag, draw and design their own sneaker at anytime.. Because it’s dry-erasable, teens can write, draw, erase and rewrite as much as they chose with 6 non-toxic, color dry erase pens that come with every pair of Graffeeti sneakers..Several Graffeeti Addicts liken their sneakers to ” Human Text Messaging” … since their sneakers give teens a new creative way to communicate!

What does it mean to be a “tween?” The tween years can be big fun – but they can also be a big challenge! “Too old for toys, but too young for boys,” tweens today need support as they deal with physical and emotional changes. And they need their voices to be heard.Mia MY wants to positively influence the lives of girls by creating stylish products that reinforce positive messages:education, creativity, empowerment, friendship, cooperation, and self-confidence. That’s Mia MY!
It all begins with the signature Mia MY jacket. A project that will make you feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside. Use the special Mia MY markers and tell the world what matters most to you – your pets, your passions, your best friends. It’s a new way to make your mark!

The NYC Subway Line was created in 1996 by Lynne Lambert, a working (actor) mom who shuttled to her auditions and booking by subway. One day while waiting in a subway station for her train to arrive Lynne had an epiphany: “These NYC Subway symbols are quintessential NYC icons. I’ll bet if I put them on apparel, people would wear them!” She approached the Metropolitan Transportation Authority with her idea, got a license from them and the NYC Subway Line was born! Since that time, the company has become fashion-forward lifestyle brand whose products have been worn by celebrities as diverse as Uma Thurman, the rapper “Fabolous” and President Clinton; been worn on MTV, BET and “Entourage,” and appeared in many movies like “Bring It On!” It has sold over 800,000 tees, hoodies, bags, wallets hats and other accessories in the U.S. and Japan! The royalties from the sale of Lynne’s products go to support the NY Transit Museums. Check out the cool gear for men, women and children at

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