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Edible Gifts Plus – gourmet confectioneries for all kinds of celebrations, including birthdays, showers and more. Most treats can be customized with edible photos and/or personal messages. Tori Spelling recently hired EdibleGiftsPlus to cater her daughter Stella’s birthday party

Throw a green celebration!

  • Earth Essentials Biodegradable Sugar Cane Bowls and Plates: Made from sustainable sugar cane byproduct, these plates and bowls biodegrade within 1-3 months but are strong enough to hold hot food and liquids ($2.50 each for package of 20)·
  • Earth Essentials Paper Napkins, Paper Towels and Bathroom Tissue: Endorsed by Greenpeace, these recycled paper products from CVS/pharmacy help families ‘go green’ with no sacrifice in quality or budget ($.99 to $8.99)

Guests will appreciate a host that goes the extra mile to make sure a party is environmentally responsible, but the host will know it was all easily found around the corner at CVS/pharmacy.

Honeywell High Velocity Turbo Table Fan: It’s 30% percent quieter than the competition. Brand new, this powerful air circulator is 30% quieter than your average fan and can deliver powerful cooling that you can feel up to 32 feet away. Furthermore, it lets you save up to 20% off your energy bills this summer when you use it in tandem with your air conditioner. Simply tilt the head up at a 90 degree angle and you can increase the air flow in your room, allowing you to operate your air conditioning system at a lower wattage. Retail price: $29.99-34.99

Bakes 5 Different Products
Makes pancakes, waffles, muffins, breads, cakes, and brownies in a third of the time!
Environmentally Economical

Ecozip the future is green with a little help from you is a simple storage solution that saves time, money, space and ultimately the environment.

• Innovative Technology
• 2 bags in 1
• 3x the value
• Organize and store multiple food and non food
items in one bag
• Use as a split bag or a full bag
• Easy to use patent pending technology with three zips
– Use top and bottom zip for easy access
– Unzip center for full bag use
• 3 available sizes:
– Sandwich/Snack
– Multi storage quart size
– Multi storage gallon size
• Versatile & Convenient
– school lunches
– in the kitchen
– at work
– baby snacks
– travel
– picnics
– animal treats
– school supplies
– cosmetics
• Environmentally Responsible
• Environmentally Economical
– Consumers are conscious of using more bags than they have to
– Ecozip allows you to use less bags, which lead to less waste
• Ecozip bags are made with 20% less plastic

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