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Hope, Faith and Gluttony
The name was created by Hope’s brother Chuck, a recent religion major from Princeton at the time. Why go for the mundane when you can make people think and chuckle at the same time, right? Since going on-line, Hope, Faith & Gluttony (HF&G) has been featured on the Rachael Ray Show, Martha Stewart Radio Show on Sirius Radio, in New Jersey Monthly, USA Today and, in Hope’s hometown paper, the Asbury Park Press. But as most bakers will tell you, Hope learned a lot through trial & error, reading cook books, emulating pictures of other cakes and cookies (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!) and just saying “sure, I can do that” when clients described what they wanted.

The Reisenthel concept: Their products are extremely functional and versatile – perfect for everyday mobility needs. They use materials that are remarkably robust and durable. The first-class design merges with the product quality into a perfect blend of form and function. Their technical expertise makes sure that the products solve problems instead of causing them. Reisenthel products make life just that much more pleasant and enjoyable!

One of the nicer things in everyday life: It works perfectly, brightens up your day, adds a refreshing dash of color, is extremely practical, intelligently designed and well made … it‘s a Reisenthel product.

Deck of Chores comes with custom sized cards in a durable stand up container that is fun, easy and great for families to play with.
Deck of Chores can be used as playing cards and have pictures of chores on one side.
1000’s of different games can be used by the whole family to get chores done.
Now children can either play games for chores, parents can set out which chores need to be completed or have the entire family pick a card each for their daily chore.

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