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Office Depot has a fantastic lineup of mix and match products, with a vast assortment of coordinated and interchangeable designs. Students will find all of the season’s “must-haves,” including exclusive designs not available anywhere else. These include: Backpacks:Office Depot is this year’s back to school destination for backpacks. Design your own with “Project Backpack” ( from Office Depot and Sharpie and proudly show your personality, or support the Jonas Brothers, Spiderman, or Transformers with the special line of licensed backpacks available at Office Depot.

Hapeez clips use a Revolutionary material grips to slick surfaces, including stainless steel refrigerators, with no residue.To maintain grip, wipe back with water or vinegar-based glass cleaner and dry. Stylishly post reminders, children’s artwork, to-do lists and more.

With summer well under way, kids will be going back to school in no time. These are the “must haves” for apparel, gadgets and gear. Presenting Disney’s newest lineup of apparel, accessories and electronics for kids and tweens. Disney has several new backpacks, lunch totes and school supplies in kids’ favorite characters including Disney Princesses, Cars, Pooh and Friends, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Toy Story, Fairies, and Wall-E. These backpacks are exclusive to the Disney Store.

Founder Lynn Hasselberger is a mom and eco.blogger, concerned about how our everyday actions will impact the environment and, consequently, our children’s future. She personally searches for green products that help you live a healthier, earth-friendlier lifestyle. Read more about at
Eco Papers Spiral Notebook
Crayon Rocks
Bazura Backpack
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The perfect product for active kids, Cleatskins are an innovative new accessory that converts cleats into street shoes giving athletes better traction on smooth surfaces. Constructed of SKINTEK™ rubber, a revolutionary formulation of compression molded rubber, Cleatskins are designed to fit over almost all cleated shoes including football, baseball, soccer cleats and more, making it safer and easier than ever before for kids to step off the playing field and into the next activity. Cleatskins also significantly extend the life of cleats by protecting studs from wear and tear and its distinctive design serves as a time-saving and practical solution for busy families. The unique SKINTEK material creates a sealed barrier to keep dirt and grass out of home and car and enhances the street-sensibility of studded athletic shoes by improving mobility and safety on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Cleatskins are also machine washable, making them easy-to-care for and looking like new and are available in an array of high fashion colors versatile enough to match any shoe, team uniform or outfit.
GoGo squeeZ is an all natural, healthy, on-the-go fruit snack for kids. The new GoGo squeeZ has five different applesauce flavors (apple, strawberry, cinnamon, banana, and peach). It’s a fun and convenient way for kids to have a healthy treat. One Pouch is equal to one fruit serving, helping parents incorporate a healthy snack into their child’s diet.

Sweetening store shelves this fall with a brand new look is Strawberry Shortcake in her all new, CGI feature-length movie The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky’s the Limit premiering on DVD September 15, 2009 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and American Greetings Corporation. Life is berry sweet in Berry Bitty City where Strawberry runs the Berry Café. But, when Berry City’s water supply was in jeopardy, Strawberry must find a way to rescue the town, and learns that when you have good friends and faith in yourself, any challenge can be overcome. The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky’s the Limit also introduces the magical Berrykins, mischievous little creatures who grow and harvest berries from the nearby strawberry fields. In this brand new adventure Strawberry and her friends are little girls with BIG possibilities and share a positive “anything is possible” attitude to overcome obstacles.

Tikatok allows children the unique opportunity to write, illustrate and publish their own stories into professional quality hardcover and paperback books. Each child’s book is accessible online via where aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and other children can read the book as well as order printed copies. is an online community where children write, illustrate and share original stories, read stories written by other children, discuss their favorites books and more. Tikatok inspires and enables children to become authors and illustrators and publish their original work into real hardcover and paperback books. Learn more at

Color Me House, founded by mompreneur April McCray, was inspired by a passion for creativity and her husband’s tales of childhood memories building huge cardboard forts. Color Me House was created to help children use their imaginations and be creative. The Color Me House family of products are also eco-friendly, recyclable, and made in the USA. Color Me House is a great way to help kids think inside and outside of the box!

Tired of seeing children wearing negative t-shirts with such messages as “I Hate My Sister” or “My Brother is Dumb,” John and Danny Clavijo started Random Positive Messaging (RPM), a t-shirt line where every shirt carries a design with a message that reminds both the wearer and those around him or her to THINK POSITIVE. The shirts, with messaging and designs targeting the tween-age market, are available at RMP’s online store, come in a variety of colors, sizes and inspiring and encouraging messages.

Kids clothes sizes 3moths to big kid size 14 – shop online or stores..The have great sales and deals all the time.Crazy 8 /
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Middle School — Homework, hormones, heartache…middle school has no shortage of perils. Never fear, the authors of the best-selling Worst-Case Scenario series return with a survival guide for those who are facing—or just about to face—this big transitional time in school and life. The handbook is packed with funny-but-useful tips for the trickiest situations that crop up in middle school, like taking charge of a too-busy homework schedule, dealing with a cold shoulder from a friend who has suddenly become just too cool, avoiding common e-mail and cell phone disasters, and more. The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Middle School

The Journal Buddies interactive journaling systems for boys and for girls are both winners of the 2008 Mom’s Choice Awards, an award that represents quality and ingenuity. The Journal Buddies approach to building and encouraging self-esteem during a child’s most vulnerable stage of life, the ages between 7 and 14, is what impressed the Award’s panel of 10 judges the most. Boys and girls can journal alone or they can journal together with a buddy. A buddy can be anyone; a child’s friend, other family members, or other adults. By working together and pointing out the positive traits they like about one another, buddies help each other develop more positive attitudes towards themselves. There is ample space for self-expression plus plenty of ideas on ways to creatively express a user’s feelings, thoghts, artwork, poetry and writing. The journaling system also presents daily thoughts and focus words which users can explore and ponder as they wish. Although designed with boys and girls in mind, adults benefit from Journal Buddies, too. The journaling approach helps adults learn how to focus on the many positive traits, qualities and talents that children possess instead of the negative.

School Years by momAgenda is a simple, effective way to archive items and information related to your child’s school career, from Pre-K through 12th grade.# Organizing your child’s school milestones should not have to be an overwhelming task!# We did the work for you by creating a separate folder for each year in school. Each folder is 7 x 9 and holds a report card, a class picture, maybe a writing sample or an art sample if you are so inclined.# Each grade-level folder has writing space for information like your child’s age, height, and weight, plus extras like friends, sports, and activities for that year. There’s also space to attach your child’s school picture. Write in as much or as little as you want – it’s up to you!# Just one book for an entire school career makes it easy to keep an archive of all your most important and treasured school memories, all in one place!# High quality, durable construction means these books are designed to last a lifetime. Preserve it now, and later, pass it on to your son or daughter. In between, pull it out and enjoy with your child. Aqua, Sage, Rose

What better way to start back to school then with this awesome next generation caster board. Are you ready to SHRED!? Start shredding in no time with the Shred Sled, the next generation caster board. The first 4-wheel, dual-deck inline caster board, the Shred Sled makes it smoother and easier to start carving up the streets. How it works: Shred Sled’s two boards and flexible connector allow both boards to rotate around the vertical and horizontal axes so it’s easy to maneuver the board. The best part is you don’t even have to push off! For better control and traction, each deck has a grip surface to maximize traction and stability while the concave decks make for better foot control. The 4 x 80mm polyurethane wheels and ABEC-5 bearings are smoother and stronger than standard hardware and unlike other boards, rarely need to be replaced. Riding the Shred Sled feels like a combination of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing and it’s much easier to control than older 2-wheel generation boards. Great for strengthening the legs and waist muscles, Shred Sled encourages kids to get off the couch and get active outdoors. Available in black, blue or red. Weight: 8.7 lbs; Dimensions: 9.055″W x 32.87″L x 4.72″. * Be sure to wear a helmet and safety gear when using the Shred Sled.*

Just as summer seems as if it’s in full swing, sooner rather than later it will be time to prepare our kids for going back to school. Whether your child is entering Kindergarten or a new grade, each of these milestones is an important occasion that should be marked with a meaningful and memorable gift. a wide range of books and combines the timeless wonder of reading with the extra touch of a personalized written note and the addition of a favorite photo or image. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?!? This is not one of those books where you spell out the childs’s name with fairies or you get your name inserted into the text every so often (not that there is anything wrong with that! 😉 ). The books on are the highest quality, one-of-a-kind, keepsake editions of classic and best-selling books. These books include a personalized message (that you create) and special image (that you upload) inscribed into the book and are often special editions, which cannot be found on most online bookseller sites, and certainly cannot be found with the personalized inscription.

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