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Kid’s Clothing “Mompreneur” Lisa Gold created a great kids clothing line that is a fusion of a fun, kids clothing line and direct sales companies like Mary Kay, The Pampered Chef or Avon. They provide a turnkey, home-based business, selling clothes and accessories featuring products, brands and other stuff you ~ and your kids ~ really like. What started as a keen idea to embellish children’s clothes from her kitchen, has turned into LikeWear a national direct sales company with apparel licensing deals for General Mills and Tootsie Roll’s iconic brands. Find your favorite Likewear outfits today at

Perfect for children experiencing sensory processing disorder, hypersensitivity or who simply can’t stand annoying seams, our patented SmartKnitKIDS® socks are being sought out by parents nation-wide. A lot of care, detail and research went into the development of these unique socks to please children with sensitive little feet.

Give your little student a big head start in making new friends at school by letting them carry some good ol’ friends along for the ride! Barney™, Thomas & Friends™, — as well as the Care Bears can travel with early learners from home to school with four all new DVD Lunch Box Gift Sets Each insulated, soft-sided lunch box is both easy-to-clean and ready-to-use and comes packed with three DVDs featuring fun-filled episodes from each series, which adds up to an incredible value!

The pressure to be beautiful has never been more prevalent especially for young girls. Eight-to twelve year olds in this country already spend more than $40 MIL a month on beauty products, according to the NPD Group. And, according to market-research firm Experian, the ages are getting younger- 43% of 6 to 8 year olds are already using lipstick or lip gloss; and 12% use other cosmetics. The real concern with this trend is that research has found up to sixteen hormone-altering chemicals in common beauty products used by adolescent girls. Experts believe preteen and young teen girls may be particularly sensitive to even trace levels of such chemicals given the complex hormone changes that take place during the transformation to adulthood. *Environmental Working Group study published in September 2008. Good For You Girls started by launching a natural skincare kit, which includes a cleanser, toner and moisturizer that effectively cleans the skin of impurities, balances delicate pH and helps protect young skin from the elements. The skincare is formulated with only the purest, natural ingredients that are 100% safe for young skin. They are free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, phthlates, dyes and irritants. To satisfy the young girls, the packaging is visually appealing to their fashion and beauty sense.

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