Techno Tuesday With iPasswords

How many user names and passwords do you have? It is impossible to use the same one on every web site you visit and keeping track of them has not been an easy task until the iPasswords app came about thanks to IconApps.

It’s a simple, lifesaving iPhone app that keeps all your passwords just a couple of clicks away. Whether doing your banking, sitter appointments or plane reservations, iPasswords stores the right password for the right site. Takes about 60 seconds per site/password combo and then it saves you valuable hours over the course of a year.

Key Features:
– Unlimited – Let’s you track unlimited numbers or user names and passwords for each site
– Organization – Categorizes your sites and passwords by Health, Finance, Web or other categories
– Security – Keeps your data safe with a quick and easy PIN

iPasswords keeps all your passwords just a couple of clicks away. 3.99 ( available in the iTunes Apps Store in the Lifestyles section).

IconApps mission is to create mobile applications that simplify and enhance managing what matters in life. As a MOM what matters to you?

IconApps is creating the IconMom Advisory Board to include 12 moms. If you are an Iphone user and would like to be considered for the IconMom Board and be in the know of the the latest MOM apps that simplify your world email me at and Ill get you connected to all the details.

What technology are you using to simplify your mom world?

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