"On The Road Again"

“On the road again” is the new theme song in the Novotny home. However, I’m not sure I agree with the second line of this song “Just can’t wait to get on the road again”, as it means more packing, planning, preparing and a huge to do list for me the Mom. Seriously I have not even unpacked from our Cali. road trip and I already have to begin packing to leave for our Canada trip. Maybe I should just leave the suitcases packed and allow everyone to potentially wear wrinkled and dirty clothes – Who would know?

Where are the Novotny’s off to now? On Friday We will pile back into our Ford Excursion, travel up Hwy 5 across the Canadian border onto our first ferry that will take us to Langdale and to our hotel for the night (whew). Saturday morning we will board by foot the Malibu Princess ferry that will take us on a 3 hour ride (3 hour tour -sing it) to where I believe is the MOST beautiful place on earth Malibu, and spend 4 days at our church family camp

We will play, swim, eat, laugh, sing, hear great messages and enjoy our family time and YES, eat lots of  
Ice Cream. Malibu has become a favorite get a way from it all place of ours, we have spent time there as campers and serving during youth summer camps.

After our 4 days we will depart with only part of our family. Our two daughters will remain at Malibu to serve Military Families that will be attending family camps. What a great opportunity to serve those that serve our country and to have the privileged of staying in Malibu for 2 more weeks. Yes I’m a bit jealous but the rest of the Novotny family needs the mom.

If I could – I would take all of you to Malibu so you could experience this amazing place. As a MOM when I attend family camp it is a TRUE vacation – No cooking, No cleaning and No to do list, just relax and enjoy my family as we experience God’s beautiful creation Malibu.

Maybe there is some truth to that second line after all “Just can’t wait to get on the road again” I can’t wait to be in Malibu and get away from it all. It’s my Calgon – “Malibu take me away from it all”.

Where has your family been on the road this summer?

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3 Responses

  1. We went to Las Vegas in June. Our 7 & 4 year olds really enjoy Las vegas because we make it about them on a budget. We do all of the free stuff we can & include one paid attraction per day. We keep it affordable by using coupons, packing our own snacks & careful planning.

  2. I used to work at Keats, which is close to there! Well, not exactly close, but close enough, lol. I have such fond memories of my summer there, it was a great place!

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