Lunch Box Inspiration: Send Your Love to School with Them

Amy Hannold;

Send your kids to school with little surprises awaiting them in their lunchbox. Thoughtful notes can communicate your love and strengthen bonds between parent and child. Your child will feel special; the extra attention and praise will be priceless to them.

When creating lunchbox notes consider your child’s age and peer environment. Young children will be delighted with cute words and pictures. Older

children will be thankful when you keep pet names and sweet words out of the notes. Include a joke they can share with their lunch mates. Children who do not take a lunch to school can be pleasantly surprised with notes of encouragement in their backpacks.

Making fun and loving notes can be as simple as paper notes of stick figures, words large or small, or stickers. Use copies of photos, jokes, drawings, colored paper, comics, and whatever else your heart leads you to create. Notes on everyday napkins with or without drawings are a great idea as wel

l. If you’re out of ideas, Hallmark sells a line of .99 cents cards meant for children. Tip: To avoid a rush to make your notes amidst the morning routine, make enough cards for the entire week ahead of time.

Choose words which communicate your love. “You’re special to me”, “We’re proud of you”, “Thanks for all of your hard work”, etc. Younger children can be aided in their quest to learn reading when you use the same words, on different backgrounds. In your notes, compliment your ki

ds and/or give them something to look forward to when they get home.

There are a number of books with tear-out notes or, online, you can find printable notes, decorated with their favorite cartoon characters (or other décor). Here are a few sources:

Here are some jokes to inspire your sense of humor:

Question: What do you call the smelliest fairy? Answer: Stinkerbell.

Question: What did the computer do at lunch time? Answer: Had a byte!

Question: What do you call a bee that is always complaining? Answer: A grumble bee!

Knock Knock

Whose There


Candy, who?

Candy cow jumped over de moon!

Whatever you create in your lunchbox notes, you will be making memories and affirming your kids in these valuable years of their life. And, you just might inspire hundreds of laughs throughout the lunchroom with your great, new lunchtime jokes.

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