Fun Back To School 5 in1 Tasty Treats

Today for Techno Tuesday I want to introduce you to my new way to create fun, simple and yummy treats for my family

With Back to school and busy FALL schedules ahead we as mom are always looking for simple fun ways to create in the kitchen and recently I was asked to review the 5-1 Tasty Baker by POP Art

Fun for kids and grownups too, this 5-in-1 machine bakes an array of foods in 7 delectable bite-size shapes.

This tabletop baking appliance has an adjustable thermostat to bake muffins, eggs, breads, cake, pancakes, waffles and brownies in one-third time

The molds inside shape your foods as a cat, dog, heart, blocks, cake, smiley face and train

Delightful for entertaining, slumber parties and play dates; metal cooking plates have nonstick finishes; includes baker and batter scoop

They have a YUMMY list of recipes online, for both desert and breakfast including a bisquick and egg sandwich using Bisquick and you even cook the eggs right in the 5-1 Tasty Baker.

The 5-1 is also available in Disney characters.

So where can you get YOURS ….right here in the 24/7 MOMS store. Just click shop the 24/7 MOMS store and look in our house hold dept.

Tonight we are going to DEMO one of the yummy desserts on the 24/7 MOMS Live webcast join us at 7pm PST / 10pm EST for great mom tips, giveaways and our fun cooking demo.

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  1. i have seen one of theses.. and are just great… would love to get one but they are just out of my budget right now

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