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Last Night on our first 24/7 MOMS Live on the road webcast, we chatted up about Family Road Trip Tips.
Novotny Road Trip Survival Tips
Kid Fun –Create Surprise boxes for your kids. Purchase totes with lids at your local dollar store.
Fill with things you purchase on clearance, at the dollar store, magazines that come in the mail FREEbies you collect etc.
Items I placed in the Novotny boys Surprise boxes:
Pipe Cleaners
Tin Foil
Rubiks cube
Silly putty
Fruit Gummies
Crayola explosions
Hand held games
Hasbro Card games
eeboo travel games
New books to read
New CD stories from Adventures in Odyssey
Magazines – saved from last month ( boy scout and lego)
Be Prepared- On our family road trip I packed, Handi Wipes, hand sanitizer, roll of paper plates, plastic bags for garbage, snacks, ice chest of drinks, re-useable water bottles, car blankets, quesy pops ( for car sickness), extra batteries, bandaides ,neo to go and CD players.
Silence is Golden – Bring Headphones for your kids so they can listen to their Cd’s, play their video games or watch DVDs without everyone having to listen to their on the road entertainment.
Family Lodging – This is NOT a sales pitch just a TIP I discovered on our road trip. On Night one we stayed in a Holiday Inn Express and LOVED it- our room had 2 queen beds and a pull out couch with tons of space for all of our suitcases. It was CLEAN which is what I like and a YUMMY breakfast that everyone enjoyed and filled up on which meant I could supply my kids with snacks on the road and feed my family an early dinner which saved us money by skipping lunch.
Family Memories – Not only have we been taking tons of pictures with our digital camera but we have been using our new Kodak HD Zi6 mini video camera, creating you tubes, vlogs and home movies to record our family road trip. I highly recommend these simple to use video cameras for not only road trips but recording everyday memories. Once again this is not a sales pitch just a real MOM tip for you.
Dinning Deals – Before you leave home gather all of your dinning deals. Search online for printable discounts and FREEbie coupons. Also bring along any gift cards and gift certificates you might already have to use on your road trip.
Be sure to BYO (bring your own) snacks and drinks – Plan ahead and buy special snacks and drinks on sale and with coupons to bring along on your road trip. This will SAVE you money rather then buying snacks at gas stations and hotel vending machines.
Share with us your Family Road Trip Tips. Leave a comment here at 24/7 MOMS.

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3 Responses

  1. We're taking a road trip to a wedding this weekend, and the place we're staying doesn't have breakfast. This is no ad pitch, but SunnyD doesn't need refrig, so doesn't take cooler space. I boil eggs for hard boiled eggs and packed bananas. We'll take a cooler for eggs, cheese sticks, milk, etc. I too am bringing snacks, so the kids have things to eat in the room that don't require cooking or tons of utensils, etc.

  2. Great ideas you have here. Thanks for sharing this. Family trips will never be the same again. By the way, there's a new social networking site dedicated to parents and kids, it's called – it's a place for Moms, Dads, and Kids! Now, there’s even a chance to win a free iPod Nano!. It would be great to join our parents’ forums and polls. Thanks a lot and have a great day!

  3. Our family likes to stay at a Drury Inn, when we can find one. They have free evening snacks/drinks, as well as free breakfast! They are nice, clean and have a pool!

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