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It was another great week of the 24/7 MOMS chatting it up live during our weekly webcast. More REAL MOM ideas and tips. This week our mom viewers shared their ideas and tips on the topic Back To School.

Celebrating Back To School:

I get a surprise for each kid

I treat my daughters to a manicure to start the year, a pedicure to end the year

Oh I got a pedicure for myself

We are having a celebration dinner

Getting Ready For that First Day and a New School Year:

Help your child write or create a letter to their teacher. Scholastic has ideas here:

Create “First Day” Teacher Gifts; Ideas from

Have camera (and film) ready for first day of school ahead of time

They kids get photos taken the first day and last day to see how much they have grown

We usually go out to dinner on the first day

I am going to surprise my kiddos with new PJ’s since it is our first year home schooling

Attend the meet and greets. Prepare your child (and yourself for meeting new people)

My kids help with making there lunch. they love being involved.

Tools for Working with Your Child’s Teacher:

Printable Communication Form Letter, From Parents to Teacher (for all those ‘notes to the teacher’ needs):

Remembering These Special Years:

They do handprints in school every year. I love it

Have your kids write a letter to themselves on first day/prior to first day of school (hopes, fears, look forwards) – mid year and end of year

We take the pictures the first and last day each school year!

Managing the Homework and Paperwork:

I usually look through the papers while my son is doing his homework

I file all of my sons work. (It’s recommended that older students keep their completed and graded work in a file for the year in the event of grade discrepancies).

I send the extra artwork and graded papers to the grandparents so the kids have something to share with them

I keep all the school info filed in a folder as well. I also have a bulletin board for papers of upcoming events, etc.

We use a 3-ring binder for each child’s school information (calendars, rosters, letters from the teacher, newsletters, etc.

Recommended Books For School Success and Organization:

The Organized Student, by Donna Goldberg

Lunch Notes, Ready to Use: and other retailers sell a variety of books which contain ready to use notes (jokes, encouragement, etc.) One example: “Hugs in a Lunchbox, ages 8-12 Joy Stevens/Focus on the Family).

Camping Tips and Notes:

We have our scouts take no-smell garlic tabs for a week before camping and it keeps many bugs from biting.

Camping Meal Ideas:

Camp meal: In tin foil, add hamburger, baked beans, corn, and onion. Put in the fire and let it cook

Grilled cheese

We do brats on the grill. Then onions, mushrooms, peppers on the side. Cook it all. Remove and put in tortilla

We make smores with Reece’s cups too

Apples in smores is great.

Consider crock-pot camping meals:

Back To School Chat Notes From 24/7 MOMS 8/25/2009

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