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Yesterday the two youngest Novotny boys meet their teachers for the coming school year, we are excited and anticipating a GREAT school year ahead. New Teachers and the start of a new school year is the perfect time for another lesson in giving and showing their appreciation to others by creating simple gifts for their new teachers. I discovered the perfect list ideas for the mommy Stewart’s like me – Simple – Fun – Creative and Do-able.

Teacher Appreciation Thanks Yous
Using Food and Cute Sayings

By: Melanie of Sugar Doodle
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Bookmark: We’d like to “Thank You” with speed. So here’s something for when you read!
Can or bottle…: We can’t keep it “bottled up”…We just have to say thanks!
Cookie: Thanks! You’re such a smart “cookie”
Flowers: THANKS For Keeping Our Friendship “Growing” !!
Grapes: When it comes to a Teacher… You’re the BEST of The Bunch!
Gummi Bears: THANKS! Our job would be “Unbearable”
Hot pads: When it comes To giving of Yourself… You’re “Hot Stuff”!!
Lotion: Here’s a bottle of lotion for all the kindness you set in motion!
Peanuts: Please Don’t Forget… How much you mean to us!
Soda: “Soda” you know how much we appreciate you?
You are a LIFESAVER! (lifesaver candies-perfect for a substitute)
Halloween – It’s no TRICK to TREAT the children with love! (small bag of trick or treat candy)
Mints – Thanks! You’re worth a MINT to us!
Popcorn is a kernel that magnified its calling! (popcorn-I taped the note to a package of microwave popcorn)
You are BERRY Special! (berry candy, small jar of berry jelly, pint of fresh berries, gummy bears, or bear stickers)
“Thanks a mint (place a small York Peppermint Pattie) for all you do in Primary…”
“Don’t snicker (place a small Snickers bar), but we think you’re great.”
“Donut forget that the circle of your influence in Primary will go on forever” (Tied to a donut)
“Thank you for your faithfulness in serving in Primary. You’re worth more than $100,000 (place a small 100 Grand bar).”
Do ‘uno” how much we love you? (Uno candy bar)
Thanks for being so “jolly”… (jolly rancher)
We just can’t do without your “smarties”
Even just a “bitahoney” goes a long way… thanks!
Thanks a “mint” for all you do
We “treasure” the memories you are helping create (Treasure chocolates)
We think you “rock”… (pop rocks)
We’re no “dum-dum” we know who to thank
We think you are “Mighty and Marvelous”! Thanks! (M&M’s)
You’re worth a “100,000 Grand” to us
You’re “mounds” of fun
We’d be “nerds” if we didn’t thank you
We can’t “bear” the thought of not giving you our thanks… gummy bears
You light up our life… mini flashlight or birthday candle
We’re lucky to have such “Sweethearts” as leaders… sweet tarts
By “gum” you’re special… (gum of any kind)
You’re “eggsactly” what we wanted in a leader
You’re “crackerjack” leaders
Thanks for putting “snap, crackle and pop” into Primary! (mini box of rice crispies)
We “skored” big when we got you as a teacher… (skor candy bar)
It may seem like a circus sometimes… but we want you to know we love you. (animal cookies)
We’re “nuts” about the job you’re doing… thanks! (peanuts)
We’re “bubbly” all over with love and gratitude. (bottle of bubbles)
We can’t “lick” any of our problems without you…. (lollipop)
We’ve gone “bananas” over the job you are doing… (bananas or banana bread)
A couple of years ago our Primary presidency made everyone that worked in the Primary a pie. Attached was a note that read “The Pie-mary Thanks You”. Have the children make notes for their Primary teachers…collect them and deliver them with the pies.

The following items were created by Becky Poland:

An orange (orange you glad you were called to serve in our Primary!)
An apple (You’re the apple of my eye and such a “polished” leader.)
A sucker (Thanks for never getting licked down. We really appreciate your efforts)
Lucky Charms (We’re lucky to have such a charmin’ good teacher!)
Jar/box of spice (“You really add SPICE to our Primary!)
Cupcake (When it comes to being a teacher, you’re the icing on the cake!)
Chewing Gum (Stick with us–let’s all serve together”)
Cracker Jacks (You’re a Cracker Jack teacher!)
Banana (We’ve gone “bananas” over Primary)
Packet of sugar (Isn’t Primary “SWEET”)
Krackle Bar (Thanks for putting snap, KRACKLE, & pop into our Primary)
Pack of Nuts (We’re nuts about you as a teacher)
Pear (It ‘pears to me, that you are a great Primary teacher)
Olives (“Olive” the nice things you do for our Primary are very appreciated!)
We did a candy gram using the small candy bars that come in 10 packs. We wrote, “Don’t snicker but be twix you and me we think you are a delightful teacher. Thanks a bunch. Have a grand day.” Depending on how many you need this is very inexpensive. It costs about $4.00 to make 10 of them.
We bought little boxes of whopper candies and wrote, “Thanks for helping us have a whopper of a good time in Primary.”
M&M’s – You are a marvelous and magnificent teacher!
Soup or soup mix – You are a “Souper” teacher!
Apples and Hershey’s Hugs – A teacher can’t live by apples alone…She needs “Hugs” too!
Loaf of Bread – For being there when you were “Kneaded”, for “Rising” to the occasion, large or small. For never “Loafing” on the job, for helping others to “Heel” with TLC. No matter how you “Slice it”, you do a terrific job being our primary teacher.
Nuts – We’re nuts about you!
Candle – You make our primary so much brighter.
Any Sweet Treat – You sure are sweet!
Oranges – “Orange” you glad you’re in Primary!?
Pasta – (Or any Pasta and a bottle of sauce) You are ‘Pasta’-tively wonderful!
Rice Krispie Treats – “Snap, Crackle, Pop” We think You’re really Tops!
Banana Bread – Banana Bread just for you, because you have so much to do…We also love you a whole “Bunch” too!
Chocolates – You’re so Sweet…having you in Primary is really a treat!
Donuts – “Donut” you know we love you???

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