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Children who eat nutritious foods do better in school. Packing a lunch can ensure your child gets the nutrients he or she needs to stay energized and ready to learn.
Eating foods from at least three food groups gives children the nutrients and energy they need to feel good and do well in school. This can be achieved by sending a combination of foods that supply protein, fat and carbohydrates to sustain energy and concentration for several hours.
For example, a peanut butter (meat, beans and nuts) and jelly sandwich (grains), an apple (fruit) and milk (milk and milk products), is a simple and balanced meal from four food groups that contains protein, fat and carbohydrate – and that children commonly enjoy.
Packing a Healthy Sack Lunch
Children’s input should be the first ingredient. Children who help select and prepare their meals tend to eat better.
You may need to establish some ground rules for what goes into the lunch first. Talk to them about what they like to eat and take them with you on your next trip to the grocery store.
Don’t let packed lunches get repetitive. Try different types of bread, dips, small treats and short notes to remind them you love them.
Favorite Healthy Sack Lunch Ideas

Spice up your typical sandwiches by using different grain products instead of plain white bread:

  • Different breads (9-grain, whole-wheat, spelt, kamut, sourdough)
  • Rice cakes
  • Plain or flavored bagels
  • Whole-wheat buns
  • English muffins Limit junk food in the house
  • Matzo crackers
  • Pita bread
  • Dress up plain pita bread by trying something new.
Thinking Outside the Lunch Box
Usually served hot, these balanced, nutritious lunch recipes are also tasty when eaten cold.

Or, try one of these unique lunches using leftovers from dinner or other items you probably already have in your refrigerator.

Pita Pizza: Spread low-fat ricotta cheese in the inside of the pita. Then stuff sliced tomatoes (or any type of pizza toppings) and any leftover cooked meat into the pita. Drizzle with marinara sauce and top off with low-fat mozzarella.
Stir-fry Pita: Mix steamed rice, mixed vegetables, and leftover meat with teriyaki sauce. Then stuff teriyaki mixture into pita.
Kids Sack Lunch Ideas – Soups
Mix steamed rice, mixed vegetables, and leftover meat with teriyaki sauce. Then stuff teriyaki mixture into pita.
To keep the soup hot until lunchtime, first warm up any leftover soup in the morning and then pour into a Thermos®. Pack a small roll of bread or some crackers to go along with this hot lunch.
If you’re short on time you can take advantage of the lunch program at your child’s school. School meals are not only convenient but also an inexpensive and healthy option.

We hope you enjoyed our Kids Sack Lunch Ideas!

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