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It’s Techno Tuesday – Time to simplify the mom world with the use of technology:
Don’t ask me why it happens but this time each year I get the organization bug. I Begin thinking how to organize and simplify my life better. What new systems can I put in place to help my family run smooth? what areas of my house need de-cluttering or re-organization? how can I organize our families schedules to create more family time? how how how……..
So the search begins for tools and resources to tame this organization bug in me. The first one I found to share with you today is an App called the KeyDates App for your Iphone created by IconApps. This App is a must have as our kids head back to school and my calender begins filling up once again, its easy to forget an important date with my MOMnesia but with the Key Dates reminder I feel like a Super Mom able to fly from one event to the next with my KeyDates reminders.

KeyDates keeps the right dates top of mind, but only when they’re needed,showing which ones are most critical at a glance. 2.99 ( available in the iTunes Apps
Store in the Lifestyles section).

IconApps mission is to create mobile applications that simplify and enhance managing what matters in life. As a MOM what matters to you?

IconApps is creating the IconMom Advisory Board to include 12 moms. If you are an Iphone user and would like to be considered for the IconMom Board and be in the know of the the latest MOM apps that simplify your world email me at and Ill get you connected to all the details.

What technology are you using to simplify your mom world?

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