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by Nancy Peterson
Do homeschoolers go back to school? Kind of an oxymoron since home and school are the same. For many homeschool families summer “looks” and “feels” different. As for my family, “back to home school” we go. We have now entered the countdown to launching yet another school year. Here is a check list I find helpful as I get ready for the “school zone”:
5 WEEKS before school
4 WEEKS before school
1. Take inventory of all school resources, curriculum, books, and school supplies then purchase/order anything still needed.
2. Begin to focus on Scope and Sequence for the month, quarter, or year.
3. Take baby steps back; begin to read aloud a good novel or add one “school” activity like journaling your summer.
4. Get groove back by reading a good homeschooling book for tips and ideas. Check out homeschool websites or blogs to get your creative juices flowing.
3 WEEKS before school
1. Shop for back to school supplies (they have been on sale for weeks-time to jump in)
2. Organize resources- put all supplies together, science book together, art supplies, etc.
3. Re-evaluate any changes that need to be made from last year. Address any cutter problems, scheduling issues, lack of creativity, overly scheduling then adjust accordingly.
4. Check into outside social, educational opportunities, homeschool groups/clubs- sign up
2 WEEKS before school
1. Organize and prepare your school room, cubbies, table, space, etc.
2. Begin meal planning and prepare meals, start freezing meals.
3. Go to local school district to declare your intent to homeschool (fulfill state requirement)
4. Clean house and clean OUT house. Get rid of stuff!!
1 WEEK before school
1. Reevaluate chores and time schedule
2. Start adjusting bedtime and other routines
3. Prepare the celebration/practicals for the first day.
4. Treat yourself to a day off, spa day, new haircut, or walk in the park—something!
Your list maybe smaller, bigger or in a different order but these are the basics as you begin your count down. I LOVE homeschooling BUT I am still a kid at heart and treasure my summers. Not only for me but for my kids, it’s time to start checking things off…. Countdown: 5- 4-3-2-1 BLAST OFF to a new school year!

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