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At about the age of 7 my mom must have decided it was time for my Sister and I to learn to cook. So, she enrolled us into a community kids cooking class. One of my favorite memories from this experience was learning to bake cupcakes in Ice Cream cones. I can picture them now and remember what an amazing idea I thought it was.

Recently I came across a company that brought back these great childhood memories with their invention of the Kupcake Konz pan.

With these new pans I can now easily recreate my childhood memories for my own children.

Allow me to introduce you to Kupcake Konz.

Less messy to eat, now less messy to bake!

Our specially designed Kupcake Konz™ pans make perfect ice cream cone cupcakes every time!

What are ice cream cone cupcakes?
Ice cream cone cupcakes are cupcakes, made with regular cake batter, baked right inside a standard wafer ice cream cone.

Ice cream cone cupcakes have been around for many years, but they can be a bit messy to bake when balancing the cones on cookie sheets or in muffin tins.

Now, no more spills, no more mess! Our Kupcake Konz™ pans allow you to bake, cool, decorate, store and even transport all in one! Kupcake Konz™ pans are designed to hold the mini (Joy Kid Cones) ice cream cones — which are perfect for little hands– or the large (standard) size ice cream cones. The large pans also hold 3oz cups, which are great for dirt cups or even Jell-O shots for the adults!
Our Story…
In the early nineties, Tom made ice cream cone cupcakes for his daughter’s school party. He was frustrated at the cones falling over in the oven and when transporting them to school. Being a sheet metal fabricator by trade, Tom decided he could make a pan to fix this problem. The pan was a big hit and much easier to use. He made a couple of pans for friends but never took the idea beyond that. Years later when Tom met Andrea and showed her the pan he designed, she thought what a great idea for a business! Then, in 2007, after some modifications and the addition of the mini pan, our company, Kupcake Konz™ was born.
Our Pans…
The mini Kupcake Konz™ pan is available in four sizes: Original Mini = 15 mini kupcake konz™, Super Size Mini = 24 mini kupcake konz™, the Family Size Mini = 54 mini kupcake konz™ and the special Kidz pan = 5 mini kupcake konz™.

The large Kupcake Konz™ pan is availble in two sizes: Large pan = 15 large kupcake konz™ and the Family Size Large = 35 kupcake konz™. Kupcake Konz™ pans are reasonably priced –starting at just $7.95!

Kupcake konz™
pans may be purchased as individual baking pans, OR as a ‘Kit’ which includes the kupcake konz™ pan and coordinating container, OR as a ‘Deluxe Kit’ which includes, the kupcake konz™ pan, coordinating container and all the fixin’s to make your first batch of kupcake konz™.

For more information and a complete product listing or to place an order, please visit our website at or call us at (603) 672-0402.

Happy Baking!

WIN: 24/7 MOMS and Kupcake Konz are giving away one kit which includes the baking pan and the coordinating storage/carrying container to bake, store and transport ice cream cone cupcakes! To enter for your chance to win:

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  1. Love it!! I'm a subscriber! U.S. address. Thanks for the chance to enter. DeAnna annaed_2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  2. I'm a suscriber. I made cone cups before, but believe me these are gonna be so much better and easier and cleaner.

  3. I's a subscriber! These would be perfect for my son's pre-school class this year…Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  4. I'm a subscriber. These look fun and I also LOVE the idea of enrolling your kids in a community cooking class. I really hope my kids will enjoy cooking like I do and this seems like a great way to get them excited!

  5. These look so neat, my daughter would love for me to make these for her! I am a subscribed, thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  6. I’m a subscriber and would love to have these pans to make the cupcake cones for my daughter’s first birthday!

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