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I am “ok” at cake decorating but I cannot make frosting flowers. I found this GREAT cake decorating tool for flowers but not frosting flowers, REAL flowers! This gadget is SO super easy!

Cakes are the universal symbol of celebration. From weddings, birthdays and graduations to holidays and casual get-togethers, everyone enjoys and remembers a fabulous cake. But specialty cakes can be quite expensive, and not everyone has the time or skill to create a beautiful cakes of his or her own.

Casevase is the fin, easy way to create stunning, customized cakes in minutes! It keeps flowers and greenery fresh and keeps them safely away from your cake. Now you can create gorgeous, custom cakes for every occasion – quickly and affordable!

So you can either make a cake and decorate or buy a plain sotre bought cake and just add flowers!

Review by: Tanya Peila
24/7 MOMS Project Manager

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55 Responses

  1. How interesting. Never seen anything like a cake vase before. Would love to win one just to try it out.

  2. I am a subscriber! I LOVE this.. I've been wondering how to do something like this. I want to have an easy way for someone to help me make my own wedding cake (this would do it) and I would LOVE to make Kara's 18th birthday cake!

    I also put this on my Wishpot just in case I don't win it! Hehehe..

  3. What a cool idea, this would certainly make cake decorating a piece of…

    yeah, it'd make it really easy πŸ™‚

    (I'm a subscriber too!)

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