Thanks to our sponsors!

We would like to thank the sponsors from last nights live web show!

Award Winning Posh Party Box, the only upscale online themed party site, announces several new quality parties — from a Tweens party and Secret Agent Party to authentic summer luaus– designed to save hosts time & money.

Wilton – Creates a big 3-D giant cupcake for the whole party to share! Assemble top and bottom cake halves with a thin layer of icing. This giant cupcake pan is of professional weight and cast aluminum for exceptional detail. Premium non-stick surface for easy release and cleanup. Lifetime warranty.
Unlike most boxed cake mixes and frosting’s, Naturally Nora products contain NO artificial ingredients or hydrogenated oils. A comparison of ingredient labels makes the difference clear. Naturally Nora Sunny Yellow Cake Mix contains only 8 ingredients while Betty Crocker® Super Moist® Yellow Cake Mix contains a whopping 17!
Today’s health-conscious families who abandoned the baking mix category due to widespread use of artificial ingredients are returning, inspired by the convenience and simplicity of Naturally Nora.

As seen on the 24/7 MOMS LIVE Web Cast on 7/14/2009

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  1. I really need to set an alarm for your show I love it. I took the kids out for a walk around the block and when I got back and remembered it was over…:(

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