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I often think I should have been born an Italian since my FAVORITE foods are Pasta and Pizza. Recently I found a new yummy marinara sauce Nonna’s Gourmet Marinara Sauce that not only makes a great pasta sauce but a perfect pizza sauce as well.

A Summer FUN idea would be to invite a few of your children’s friends over and host a make your own pizza party.

Little Nonna’s Pizza Party

all purpose flour for dusting and rolling
2 – 8oz. dough balls
1 – 16oz. jar of Nonna’s Gourmet Foods Marinara Sauce
2oz. parmesan cheese
1 1/2 c. mozzarella cheese (fresh or shredded)
toppings of your choice
1. Place a pizza stone into the oven on the middle rack and preheat to 475 degrees.
2. Portion the pizza dough into 4 – 4oz. size dough balls, dust with flour and set aside. Let rest for about 20 minutes.
3. On a cutting board dusted with flour roll each dough ball out to a 6-8 inch circle, lightly sprinkling with flour as needed. If they are not perfect do not worry. Do Not roll out to thin and be careful not to tear the dough. Now gently pick up the dough and place it on a pizza screen, gently adjusting the dough.
4. Now spoon on some of Nonna’s Gourmet Foods Marinara Sauce (approximately 1-2oz. per pizza) and from the center outward spread the sauce in a circular motion. Leaving a 1/2 inch crust on the edges.
5. Sprinkle some of the parmesan cheese on top of the sauce, then add the mozzarella cheese. Making sure to lightly spread the cheese out evenly. At this point you can add a small amount of toppings to each pizza. Remember DO NOT put large amounts of toppings on the pizzas. This makes them to heavy and soggy!!!!
6. Place the pizza screen with the pizza onto the pizza stone. Let bake on the screen for 3-4 minutes. At this point slide the pizza off of the screen and onto the stone. Let bake for another 4 minutes or just until the cheese starts to bubble and the crust is golden and crisp.
7. Slide the pizza out onto a pizza pan or plate. Let rest for 1-2 minutes before slicing, as the cheese needs to set. Cut into 4 or 8 slices. Enjoy!!
8. Heat up the extra sauce and give each little one their own individual dipping bowl.

This recipe should make 4 pizzas 6-8 inches in diameter

A % of each jar sold of Nonna’s Gourmet Food Products is donated to help find a cure for children’s brain cancer. Nonna’s Gourmet Foods is a “Partner in Hope” with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. This is done in the memory of my daughter Zoë Marie. Go to for the complete “Zoë Story” and join the fight “one jar at a ti

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