Mom Approved 911 Meals

What’s for dinner? Are the last three words you want to hear after one of those crazy MOMMY days. To help you on the overloaded kid days we have compiled a list of what I call 911 meals. I asked our Twitter Followers and Facebook friends to share their 911 meals ideas ,to help each of us moms in those emergency dinner need it now moments.

911 Meals

Breakfast: Hash browns, eggs, bacon/sausage and toast or pancakes with fruit
Cereal / Oatmeal
Scrambled eggs
French Toast
Baked french toast
Egg sandwiches
Fried eggs on toast
Cheeseburger Macaroni – Mac N Cheese with some cooked hamburger.
Veggie hot dogs and Go Gurts
Hot dogs and Easy Mac
Frozen pizza
Spaghetti with or without meatballs
Pasta with my homemade sauce from the freezer
Fried chicken legs
BBQ chicken legs and mac n cheese with peas
Bean and cheese burritos
Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets
Macaroni & Cheese
Mac and cheese with kielbasa
Chili Fries. I bag frozen fries + 2 cans chili = satisfied meal for the family
Rice, beans, & mixed veggies
Black beans with yellow saffron rice
Grilled quesadillas
Chicken soft taco
Canned ham casserole
Grilled cheese and salad or soup
Tator tot hot dish

Trisha’s 911 meals:

French Dips
Pre – Roasted Chickens from the grocery store/Costco
Frozen Garlic Chicken Pasta from Costco
Romanos Macaroni Grill Boxed
Boboli make it your self pizza ( i keep one in the freeze)
Tyson’s pre-made meal kits ( you can freeze these )
BLT’s ( using pre-cooked bacon)
Pasta with Trader Joe’s frozen meatballs
Taquitos – frozen
Chicken Quesadillas using pre-cooked chicken
Raviolis Frozen with marinara sauce from a jar.

What are your 911 meals ? Leave us a comment and share your 911 ideas.

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3 Responses

  1. Taco salad is always a hit here…sometimes I even have precooked taco meat…rarely but it does happen.
    Also, I keep shrimp scampi from costco on hand and toss it with tomatoes and spinach along with pasta for a quick healthy meal.

    Potstickers and frozen rice from Trader jos are easy too


  2. Pizza from Wal-mart that is in the deli case and Curly's BBQ Beef. It's over by where Tyson pre-made dinner products would be.

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