Keeping the Kids Busy – The Free n’ Frugal Way

By: Amy Hannold,

Children of all ages, including adults, can find affordable ways to cure the “I’m bored’s”, this summer, without busting their budgets. Fun activities can be found online which will inspire fond memories and learning. Internet sites offer fun resources and a starting point to many new adventures.
Learning Can Be Fun: – Sign up for their weekly FREE Sampler, which includes puzzles, art, reading and activities for all ages. Print out your choice, every week! – All the fun of the childhood favorite, available to you (for free) online! – An online community, your source for family fun, craft projects, and more. Kids of all ages can find an online tours, an alphabet book and scavenger hunt through Yellowstone Park.
: Take an e-field trip through Yellowstone. Includes “Ask an Expert” and spectacular photos featured as you meet animals who call Yellowstone home. Daily (free) preschool projects, preschool topics of information and more daily delivered to your e-mail. There is also an offer for a free sample of their preschool projects.
invites you to online “Congo Trek” adventure and other fascinating experiences.
Creative Times:
: Fun stuff for kids and fun family ideas. This is free online content from Family Fun Magazine, and more. Includes recipes, coloring pages, puzzles, crafts… all designed to keep your family having fun together all year long. Kids crafts, online games, and information for parents. Offers free Kids Crafts & Activities e-newsletter. Join Crayola’s free Creativity Central community for 1,000+ coloring pages, craft ideas, online games, and an e-card creator.

Share your favorite learning places, online…. Where are you finding your learning and creative times?

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3 Responses

  1. We love to make up games…enough so that we (kids 12 and 15, and parents) even created a game where each person creates a game (one you can play w/o equipment)…

    There's no reason why creative kids with creative parents should ever be bored…word games can always be played when waiting, or driving. Silly is good, tricky is wonderful. It's quality time spent, and not isolating, like computer games.

    As a family, we turned our games into an iPhone app, called Family Car Games, giving instructions for 100 games. It's only 1.99 and just got nice recommendations from foxnews and Kathy Peel (AOL family coach). We're real people, not a company. I just think that there's so much of interest in our world, too much wonder and fun to be had, to be bored.

    Thanks for this article!

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