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Resumes For Children – 17 Years Old and Under
By: D. Kristine Manley

With teens in the house who not only would like to have paying jobs but are also working on their Community Service letter as well as will be filling out College applications it was time to begin teaching them about Resumes. So, I found the perfect book to assist them in the process.

Resumes for Children is a detailed guide of sample resumes that show Children’s talents, skills, abilities, and challenges can propel them into becoming successful individuals.

A collection of 21 children’s resumes. In this book you will meet a student pilot, a child book reviewer, a Jr. Open Water Diver, an investor and more!Read about some of the certifications children may obtain. Read over the cover letters which guide parents on how to obtain OPM (other people’s money) to assist in paying for their children’s activities. Review the sample references and workbook pages that parents may use to document their children’s activities, accomplishments, interests, and awards, etc.

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2 Responses

  1. Our kids lives have become so complicated compared to when we were kids.

    When you see what required now for the college application you have to wonder whether you would have been accepted to college.

    My son never referred to this book but managed to craft some form of resume to help with his college app.
    Phew thank god it is over.

  2. My husband runs a Young Marine unit and this is SO true! Some colleges won’t even take you if you don’t have community service hours. We make sure to give the kids not only the hours, but also the lessons that go along with it and much more. It’s SO important for them. You can also track yours or your children’s hours on the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards website so they can have an official record of them for their future.

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