Tip Talk – 4th of July FUN Celebration Ideas

This weeks TIP TALK on 24/7 MOMS Live, we shared some of our favorite 4th of July celebration Fun Ideas

1. Sweetheart FUN

Red, White and YOU – NECCO has revamped a classic favorite, offering their famous Sweethearts Conversation Hearts with patriotic slogans in yummy flavors of strawberry, vanilla crème and blueberry –

put together a FREE down loadable booklet of 4th of July SIMPLE crafts and treats you can create with the new Red White and YOU sweethearts. including Party favors and even a decorated cake.

As a bonus, NECCO has committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from Red White & You Sweethearts sales to American troops currently serving overseas. The company has committed $75,000 to finance the distribution of care packages to troops as part of a USO initiative.

2. T -shirt Fun – Purchase or create your own family 4th of July t-shirts.

Purchase them at Old Navy, The Children’s place, Target or many other stores are now carrying patriotic theme clothing.

To Create your own Family T-Shirts search online for ideas and instructions by googling 4th of July T-shirt craft another idea is tye-dying them.

3. Picture Time – Take Family pictures of everyone in their patriotic clothing.

4. Red,White and Blue Fun or – Allow your kids to paint their faces with a patriotic theme or give your kids red, white and blue chalk and allow them to draw patriotic pictures on your driveway,and /or sidewalks.

5. Decorating Fun – Decorate your porch with a Patriotic theme. Hang a flag , plant \ red white and blue flowers in your planters. Check the 24/7 MOMS blog for flower ideas . click here.

6. Parade Fun – Organize a Neighborhood parade, have the children decorate their bicycles, scooters, wagons and other ride on toys. Even let them toss out candy to those watching the parade.

7. Food fun for the 4th –

Star Sandwiches – use a star shaped cookie cutter.

Happy Birthday America Cake – use blue berries and strawberries to make a flag or the NEW sweetheart candies .

Star Spangled Lemonade – fill a star shaped ice cube tray with red and blue Gatorade, kool-aid or punch . then place a few of each color in a glass of lemonade..be sure to chill the lemonade so the ice cubes don’t melt as quickly.

Veggie tray – using only red and white veggies, like radishes, tomatoes, red peppers, mushrooms, and jicama.

Popcorn balls – Add a little food coloring to the mix to create red and blue versions.

Cupcakes for the 4th – check out the simple ideas on the 24/7 MOMS blog . Click here.

Grilled 4th of July Berry Dessert
From: Family Fun web site

Pound cake
Ice cream of your choice or whip cream
Berries of your choice

1. Heat slices of pound cake on the hot (clean) grill grates for 2 to 3 minutes per side or until you have visible grill marks.

Top each slice with ice cream or whip cream and 1/2 cup of fresh berries.
( we did a LIVE demo on 24/7 MOMS live and it was YUMMY..Simple)

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