12 Simple and Creative Fathers Day Gift Ideas

This weeks TIP TALK on 24/7 MOMS Live, we shared Simple and Creative Fathers day gift ideas.

1. 12 Days of (to) Father’s Day
Countdown the days until Fathers day with a daily gifts that match the day 1- 12. Such as:

– On the first day of Fathers day Daddy gets ONE lb of Starbucks
– On the 2nd Day of Fathers day Daddy gets TWO new t-shirts
– On the 3rd day of Fathers day Daddy gets THREE movie rentals
– On the 4th day of Fathers day Daddy gets FOUR foot massages
– On the 5th day of Fathers day Daddy gets FIVE adorable kids …Picture of kids
– On the 6th day of Fathers day Daddy gets SIX fathers day card
– On the 7th day of Fathers day Daddy gets SEVEN minty treats
– On the 8th day of Fathers day Daddy gets 8:00 am Breakfast
– On the 9th day of Fathers day Daddy gets NINE coupons for you
– On the 10th day of Fathers day Daddy gets TEN cups of coffee
– On the 11th day of Fathers day Daddy gets ELEVEN homemade peanut butter cookies
– On the 11th day of Fathers day Daddy gets TWELVE krispy Kremes

Be creative and personalize it to things your Husband likes and enjoys.

2. Breakfast/Brunch and Beyond
Have the kids help make dad breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. Serving some of his FAVORITE foods.

3. Make Cards
Every year we make Father’s Day Cards. This allows the children to say “Happy Father’s Day” in their own words. I write out what the little ones want on their card. I’m always amazed at what they say. I know this seems basic but this is one tradition my kids would not miss.

4. Hobby/Interest Gift
The dad who loves sports will always appreciate tickets to his favorite sporting event. If your kids are old enough to enjoy the sport, make it an event that they can attend with dad. Does he love coffee? Give gift certificate or basket full of favorite coffee items. Camping? Gift certificate to local camping store.

5. TEXT Dad
Use you mobile phone or computer to send dad an instant messages . Such as “I love you” and “Thank you for all you do.” It may only take an instant, but their meaning will last a long time . Or send Dad a special email. In the subject line type: “Greatest Dad “. Dad will enjoy is personal message form his kiddos.

6. Car Wash
Make it a family effort kids of all ages can jump in and help wash dads car in and out.

7. Something New
Find out that one thing dad has always wanted to try but has put off trying it. Such as Golf Lessons, sky diving, taking up an instrument or learning how to be more techie on his computer.

Find a way to get him lessons or the opportunity to try something he has always dreamed about.

8. Dad Book or Father’s Day Poster
Make a book titled “You Are the Best Dad in the World” or “Why I love Dad”. Make a list of all the things you and your children love and admire about him. Place these words into a homemade book or store bought journal. Add in photographs and art work from the kids. . Or go poster style with the same idea. Use drawings, pictures, poems and personal comments.

9. Message in a Bottle
Purchase a bottle or use one you recycle. Have your children write notes to dad then make them into scrolls and place in to the bottle with bends and confetti. Be sure to seal the bottle back up. Dads and even Grandpas love personal messages.

10 . Framed Picture
Collage pictures in a frame using the words DAD or a store bought “family” one just add pictures. OR frame kid’s footprint and add “Footprint” poem.

11. Hand Prints
Use washable paints and create pictures, cards, posters using your child’s hand or feet prints you can also do this on plates, mugs, T-shirts and any other fun item.

12. Father’s Day IOU
Google Fathers Day IOU or Coupons that you can personalize for FREE. Or you can create your own on the computer. Have your children come up with ideas of IOU’s they can give dad. such as : Good for one back rub; Good for 1 car wash; I lawn mowed; etc.

What FUN and SIMPLE Idea are you doing for DAD this Fathers day?

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