Thanks to our 24/7 MOMS LIVE Sponsors

This week our 24/7 MOMS Live Sponsors were:

Barr Brothers who gave away the Best of 2008 BBQ tools.

Barr Brothers Company ( has bundled the BEST of 2008 BBQ Tools for this Fathers Day Special.This unique blend of tools will give anyone the ability to cook up a great meal on the BBQ or Grill.The set includes the Grill Wizard BBQ Brush that was tested by Cooks Illustrated magazine against many other brushes and was found to be the only one that really works. Replacement scrubbers are also included in the set.The set includes the Chile Grill Jalapeno cooker and coring tool. The Chile Grill is the best way to cook Jalapenos on
the grill or in the oven and these make the best appetizers. The 20″ Scissor Tongs included allow for a sure grip on your grilled meats and the Bear Paws Meat Handlers give you a way to shred beef, pork or poultry and easily lift a hot chicken, turkey or roast.

This set retails for $66.89 and is now on special for Fathers Day at $49.99, a 25% savings. You can orders yours at Barr Brothers Company.

We gave away to one of the 24/7 MOMS Live viewers this entire set of BBQ tools.


Harvard Sweet Boutique

Yes those Yummy cookies we ate in front of you during our show were from The Harvard Sweet Boutique.

Visit their online gourmet bakery at They create stylish gift packages filled with all natural gourmet sweets that they will ship all over the country.

They make the perfect gift for just about any occasion.

Recently, we added centerpieces and party favors to our product line. Not only are they a beautiful addition to any event table, but they also provide a gift for the attendees at the end of the night. This is a great and unique alternative to flowers, and is a cost savings all at the same time!

Stop by their Site and see all the YUMMY treat you can send for every occasion.

And YES we the 24/7 MOMS put our stamp of mom approval on them they are YUMMMY and we ate them ALL. Thankfully they are sending our winner that night her very own box of Harvard Sweet Boutique cookies to devour or give for Fathers Day.

If you missed this week 24/7 MOMS Live show…stop by every Tuesday Night 7:00pm PST/ 10:00pm EST at join us for great MOMversation, Tip Talk and giveaways.

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