Summer Smart Safety Tips

Today on 24/7 MOMS Live we Discussed Summer Safety Tips and Ideas

-Purchase new ones to inspire kids to wear them.
-Check that they fit properly and that they are wearing them correctly.
-Purchase at fire departments (check locally).
-Write child’s name and information inside helmet.

Sun Safety
-Sunscreens should be applied to dry skin 15-30 minutes BEFORE going outdoors.
-Don’t forget that lips get sunburned too, so apply a lip balm that contains sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher.
-Sunscreens should be re-applied at least every two hours or after swimming or perspiring heavily.
-Unless indicated by an expiration date, the FDA requires that all sunscreens be stable and at their original strength for at least three years.
-Drink plenty of water
-Wear sunglasses- kids too
-Don’t forget scalp
– Wear UV 50 clothing

Water Safety-
Drowning claims almost 900 children’s lives a year it is the Second leading accident-related killer of kids up to age 14. 60% of victims are under age 4. 2/3 of kids who drown do so in their home pool.

-Lax Supervision- 88% of victims are being watched- but not close enough.
-Inadequate layers of protection- 61% of pools and spas are not fenced in.
-Reliance on floating toys- The belief that inner-tubes, noodles and water wings are safety -devices.
-False sense of security- Only half of kids wear personal flotation devices when on boats.
-Limited swimming ability- 39% of parents say their kids have never taken lessons.

Pool Rules:
-Never leave a pool unattended even for a minute even if they are not in the water.(Bring the phone to the pool)
-Keep all non-water toys away from the pool. Kids fall in reaching for toys.
-Cover pool securely and have it completely fenced off.
-Wear a life vest when around water-EVERY time!

Stranger Danger-

TOP Ten Safety tips from Safe Kids Inc.

1. Safe Kids can always talk to their parents or another trusted adult about anything.

2. Safe Kids always “Check First.”

3. Safe Kids know how to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency.

4. Safe Kids never talk to anyone they don’t know well.

5. Safe Kids always use the “Buddy System.”

6. Safe Kids say “No!” to anyone who tries to touch them in a way that makes them uncomfortable. Then they tell their parents or another trusted grown-up right away.

7. Safe Kids never open the door for anyone but a trusted friend or relative.

8. Safe Kids always tell their parents or another trusted adult if anyone asks them to keep a secret.

9. Safe Kids always follow their Family Safety Plan of Action.

10. Safe Kids know their parents would never send someone they don’t know well to pick them up.

Favorite web site- Role play (bi-weekly) with your child so it.becomes natural and in their head.

Additional Safety TIPS –
– When out and about with Toddlers and pre-schoolers write your cell number in your child’s shoe or their hand and teach them that is where it is in case they get lost.

– Teach your children your cell number, knowing their home number does not help if you are NOT home.

– Kid ID tattoos- and www.

– Place ID Bracelets or dog tags on your children that you have engraved with their information on it.

– Give your children Cell phones that you can buy minutes for to use while you are out and about if lost.

– Have kids keep a Walkie Talkies on them while playing around the neighborhood.

– Update your car kit kit with eye drops (for swimming), tweezers, band aids, aloe vera, sun screen, benedryl and tylenol, etc.

Have a SAFE and FUN Summer.

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