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Here is an innovative Fathers Day gift idea – C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level Brings Innovation to Category

Not since the introduction of the modern level in the 1920s has there been such dramatic changes to the design and functionality of the level like those of the new C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level. The Precision Ball Level is a three-in-one tool that includes a patented precision aviation ball compass design that expands the use of the level beyond its traditional job of indicating level and plumb surfaces.

“It might be an understatement to say there have been very few changes in the level category over the years,” said Walt Sedlacek, C.H. Hanson vice president marketing and product development. “But now with the introduction of the Precision Ball Level, there is a tool that is innovating the category by showcasing multiple new features never seen before on a level.”

Precision Ball Level

The Precision Ball Level’s 360-degree rotating aviation ball compass design allows end-users to:

Easily read if a surface is level or plumb. With a simple glance, the Precision Ball Level’s bold display clearly shows if a surface area is level or plumb, removing the guesswork associated with other levels’ bubble readings.

Level in two directions at the same time. By laying the level on its side, end-users can see if surfaces are level on both planes by utilizing the crosshairs on the level’s display.

Measure angles and pitches. The Precision Ball Level is the only level that can measure angles and pitches. The level’s unique aviation-style ball, which freely rotates 360 degrees, provides the ability to precisely read any angle.

The Precision Ball Level has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $50.00 and is available nationwide at Lowe’s and other national hardware distribution centers. For a complete list of “where to buy,” visit

Review By : Tanya Peila
24/7 MOMS Project Manager

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