MOM Tip – Family Movie Night With Kernel Seasons

MOM TIP – Family Movie Night is always a highlight in the Novotny home especially with our two youngest. It means they get to stay up later then their normal bed time, plus get to eat yummy treats while they watch the movie.

Do you have family movie nights? What are your favorite MOVIES to watch as a family?

Do you have YUMMY treats? What treats are your kids favorites?

Our choice of movie for family movie night is usually the latest age appropriate movie that is available thru Netflix and our newest favorite YUMMY treat is Kernel Season’s Popcorn and their seasonings. MOMS – you have got to pick some of this up on your next grocery shopping trip. The Novotny’s have become addicted to the variety of seasonings.

Before I go on I want to say we at 24/7 MOMS do NOT get paid to review products, the only benefit we get is the opportunity to test and try them out which not only do we love but so do our husbands and kids.

So , back to our new favorite treat – Kernel Seasons offers a variety of seasonings, 14 to be exact everything from Ranch, BBQ, Garlic, butter to Carmel and kettle corn. They also offer popcorn in both microwave and stove top versions along with the best tasting butter toppings – it actually tastes just like we are at the MOVIES eating hot buttery popcorn.

So my REAL mom TIP is check out their web site for great popcorn ideas, recipes, and how you can get your own Kernel Season’s products for your next family movie night or even gift packs for gift giving. I’d invite you over to share ours, but I’m afraid to say my kids are not so willing to share this new treat. Time for a lesson in sharing once again.

Your children will think you are the coolest mom who knows how to serve Movie Theatre popcorn.

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