Kajeet Mobile phone for kids

My two youngest boys have been on cloud 9 since their Kajeet phone arrived in the mail. Living in a home with 3 older siblings who in their minds have always had mobile phones, which keeps them constantly asking me when do they get one. I personally saw no need for them to have them at this young age until I was introduced to the Kajeet phone.

First let me say I still don’t think they NEED a mobile phone. However, I am finding out some great benefits to them having one ( they share it). I can now find them as they roam the neighborhood on their bikes or move from yard to yard playing the latest game of capture the flag by calling their Kajeet mobile phone. Caleb is enjoying learning the use of a phone and working on his memorization of mom and dads phone numbers. Yes, we could do this with any phone but there is a motivation factor here for Caleb to work a little harder when its his own Kajeet mobile phone. It has allowed me to give my boys a little more independence at the same time I feel they are just a call away. Did I tell you if they loose there phone there is a GPS phone locate option available on it? which means I can find out where they and their phone are at all times , whether its on them or lost. I think it will be a great MOM techno tool this summer maybe even simplify my life of keeping track of my children.

So, what is a Kajeet phone?

is the cell phone service made for kids. They keep parents and kids talking with online parental controls and kid-friendly features, and with no pesky contracts and no surprise bills. Parents can find Kajeet phones on-line at www.kajeet.com and the 24/7 MOMS Store.


  1. We’re a pay-as-you-go service with no strings and no worries.
  2. Our full suite of intuitive online controls help parents set limits.
  3. We offer budget-friendly rates for talk and text. Easily customized to fit your family’s needs.
  4. Our feel-good security features let you decide who can and can’t call their phone.
  5. Now you can get help finding your kid’s phone anytime with GPS Phone Locator.
  6. Talk, text, pix and play. Everything your kid wants in a cell phone.

  7. We offer full-blown phones for any budget. Look for slim styling and big features.

  8. Nationwide coverage on Sprint PCS Network.

  9. Refilling your account is simple. kajeet offers three simple ways to add money to your wallet.

  10. kajeet is the only cell phone service that puts kids first. Kids love that.

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  2. This is the newest promo code I found for Kajeet. "BARGAIN" They always have new codes out there. This one will save you 15% on your purchases.

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