Create a Simple “Summer” Meal Plan

Summer is here. The heat is on and I’d prefer my oven off. I want to spend time with my family not with my kitchen. The solution is to create a Simple Summer Meal Plan. Maybe it’s time to rethink the way you put dinner on the table. I dare you to take the 24/7 moms challenge and create your own Simple Summer Meal Plan.

Step #1 –DECIDE IT
Decide to spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen.
A little planning goes a long way and the benefits will be one cool mother serving up “cool” dinners. Not only will you simplify your meal plan but create a more peaceful atmosphere to enjoy your family during the dinner hour.

Step #2- PLAN IT
Save time and money by creating a master list of Simple Meals you enjoy during the summer. Create a meal rotation list depending on the number of meals, such as 2 week or 3 weeks worth.
I.e. tacos, hamburgers, roast, French dip, Caesar Salads, BBQ chicken, rotisserie chicken, pasta, Kabobs with rice, pizza, etc.

Step #3- LIST IT
Create a master shopping list of items needed for each Simple Meal – be sure to take inventory of what you might all ready have on hand. Also make a note of sale items this week and purchase additional for the next rotation.

Step #4 SHOP IT
Shop once for every meal rotation and only shop in between for FRESH veggies, milk and bread when needed. Save yourself from multiple and last minute trips to the grocery store. It saves tons of money on the grocery bill by limiting trips to the store.

Step #5 – ENJOY IT
Enjoy your summer days with your family instead of grocery shopping and spending hours in the kitchen planning and preparing meals each day. Creating a Simple Summer Meal Plan can be done in just 5 steps. Take our challenge and create a Simple Summer Meal Plan and reap the benefits. Bon Appetit!

From 24/7 MOMS Live MOMversation on 6/16/09

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