This Weeks Tip Talk – Simplifying the ON THE GO Mom

Today’s TIP TALK on 24/7 MOMS Live, we shared 7 TIPS to simplify the On the Go Moms.

Tip #1 – Designate Homes for Daily Travelers. – hoose one location in your home for your daily traveling items (purse, kids backpacks, keys, cell phone, iPod and on the go bag,) to live so you can quickly and easily find them on your way out the door while eliminating clutter.

Tip #2 – One calendar – I learned long ago that ONE calender is a Mommy must have, with 5 kids and a busy husband our world can quickly get out of control if I do not post everything on ONE calendar. So, when my kids hand me schedules and invites from their teachers, schools, extracurricular activities and whatever else they bring home with dates that I need to know I enter it all into ONE calender. Doing this helps us keep track of our daily schedules as well as ability to plan family time around the crazy kid schedules. I am NOW trying to use Google Calendars so that Hubby and I can sync one calendar.

Tip #3 Guard your Family Schedule Kids need downtime, unstructured time to develop imagination and creativity. Often we pack our schedules so full of “good” stuff that we leave out important home time.With 5 children I pack two days with activities the rest of the time we are home (for the most part). Planning the days you will allow outside activities to invade on family time is a stratigic move which leads to less stress and bonded families.

Tip #4 Always prepare ahead – Each Sunday night we have a Family Meeting which allows us to go over the upcoming week and prepare for upcoming events, activities and parties. This helps the whole family to be able to prepare for what is ahead that week. k For example, we know then if a gift needs to be bought for an upcoming party, snacks prepared for the little league game, sports equipment cleaned and ready for the game that week etc. We also prepare each night for the next day by packing lunches and backpacks, placing outfits out for the next day and any items we will need for after school activities are all placed by the door and ready to go. Being prepared brings peace to crazy busy homes.

Tip #5 Avoid the Snack Attack – Kids always get hungry. So be ready — pack snacks in baggies. Crackers, cheese, fruit, carrot sticks, PB&J sandwiches, graham crackers, peanuts, and raisins all make good on the go snacks. An insulated lunch container with re-usable ice packs help keep things fresh. Also always bring plenty of water, as kids are always thirsty.

Tip #6 Kid Emergency Kits – Pack in your car the KID emergency kit – use either a tote bag that zips or snaps closed or a plastic bin with lid. Fill this kit with: Baby wipes or wet ones, , medical supplies, reading material, activities (toys), a towel, plastic bags and extra clothes — anything you can think of that might come in handy when you are on the go and a Kid emergency arises or you are out longer then you had planned and need Kid supplies.

Tip #7 Bags for on the Go – “Activity Bags” – Do you find yourself sitting at Dr. Appointments, dance lessons, swim lessons or other waiting situations with nothing to do but watch the clock tick away and your to do list growing? Use a tote/book bag to take a long projects, books to read, bills to pay, notes to write or other items on your to do list that you can accomplish while waiting. Hint: consider having one packed without time sensitive items, books that are single chapter stories, old magazines that you’ve been meaning to read, recipe books to flip through, etc.

Have different bags for different outings
The Gym bag – packed with ear phones/ipod/magazines/towel etc.
The MOM bag – Calendar, book to read, to do’s, etc.
The Kid bag-Crayons, books, freebie toys, stickers, etc.
Sport Bag – Cleets, shin guards, granola bar, fresh shirt, etc.
Diaper bag-(You get the picture….)

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  1. Great tip on having one calendar. You wouldn’t believe how many clients I have worked with who had 2, 3 or 4 wall calendars, pocket calendars, desk calendars, page a day calendars. Once they went down to only one calendar – their lives were less stressed.

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