Summer Fun Staycations

Last summer the vacation buzz word became “Staycations” probably due to sky-rocketed gasoline prices. We were all trying to figure out how to vacation with out all those traveling expenses. Today our economy is still affecting our travel plans and once again this summer many of us are planning Staycations, Daycations or Backyardcations. It’s a way to still “vacation” yet not break the pocket book.

There are TWO types of Staycations:
1. Daycations – When we take day trips to local tourist attractions and events.

2 .Backyardcations – When we physically stay home and do FUN things right in our own backyards and homes as a family.

Steps to planning fun filled Staycations:

1. Gather and List: The first thing to do is make a list of the LOCAL places you can visit. Gather local activities ideas and events, check out local tourist books from the library, collect magazine articles, search the Internet, stop by your local chamber of commerce and pick up visitors guides. Don’t forget to ask your children and husband thoughts and ideas for their Staycation. (I.E.- places to see, activities to do, etc.)
2. Make a Plan: Now take a empty calendar for June/July and August and begin filling in (don’t for get to look and see what else you have already on your calendars). Write in all the events and things you want to attend. Remember you are in control of your calendar. Summer should be relaxing and fun. Not stressful.
3. Take Action: Now you have come up with the ideas, you have scheduled them in its time to take action on them-
Get Organized
Make your reservations
Buy tickets if needed
Make a shopping list for items needed
Plan a time to shop
4. ENJOY: We are making family memories to last a life time…. Sit back and enjoy your planned summer and remember summer is time for a break…unhurried schedules…time to relax and enjoy watching your children, play for those endless hours.

Daycation Ideas:

Visit local Parks. How about a picnic or a scavenger hunt while you are there.
Zoo, Aquarium or local Farms
Putt Putt Golf
Imax or outdoor movie or drive in
Bicycling, Ice Skating, roller skating or roller blading
Plan a day hike
Explore The CITY – which ever large city is near you
Children’s Museum and/or Museums
Visit state parks – Find a state park (here’s a list of all U.S. state parks with a lake and beach.
Swimming at local indoor or outdoor pool
Beach -check on low tide day
Letterboxing – Try letterboxing If you’ve got a rubber stamp and a sense of adventure, follow clues to a secret treasure box, and leave your mark
Geocaching – Grab your handheld GPS and go Geocaching Using your GPS, follow the signal to a hidden cache, where you leave a trinket and take a trinket.
Farmers Markets, swap meets or garage sales
Historical sites
Pick Berries
Attend Baseball games – minor leagues

Backyardcation Ideas:

Use national celebrations
June 27th…is Happy Birthday Song Day….Celebrate with cupcakes
July 3rd National Hot Dog Day. Serve hot dogs
Aug 7th National Smile week…but new toothbrushes
Turn your home/backyard into a spa.
Plant a garden…even in a pot
Buy kiddie pool, above the ground pool, slip and slide and/or sprinkler
Art Day- bring out the water colors, paint and paper.
Create a “water play” area with plastic tub of water
Make Bubbles
Make Playdoh
Finger paint with pudding
Chalk your neighborhood streets
Water Games (fill the bucket or don’t spill the glass), water balloon toss
Start a club…craft, cooking, game, book….American Girl
Tea Party
Make homemade Ice cream or Popsicles
Paint faces
Paint Nails
Paint sidewalk (with water, chalk or water colors)
Read books Do activities along with reading …read stone soup/make soup
Do Nothing DAY
Treasure Hunt
Make a fort
Sleep under the stars, camp in your own yard
Family indoor slumber party
Pitch a tent in the backyard (Don’t forget the S’mores)
Fly kites
Bike Parade
Theme days: Cowboy Day, dress up for BBQ lunch /Beach Day- play beach music, lather up and soak in the sun? Pirate Day, etc.
Circus in the backyard
Plan a TV/movie night.
Have a talent show or play don’t forget to video tape
Invite Friends over for a pizza/movie night
Host a Backyard Olympics
Have a field day. Rediscover freeze tag, red rover, and other games
Organize a block party. Host a neighborhood get-together and create lasting friendships — all within a few steps from your own front door.
Throw a Hawaiian luau- complete with invitation, decoration, and recipe ideas.

Whether you Daycation or just Backyardcation, don’t let money get in the way of creating a family bond and family memories. All it takes is a little planning on our part to make summer FUN! Let the games begin!

Do you have a FUN Daycation or Backyardcation idea? Share it with us here at 24/7 MOMS.

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