Simple Garage Sale Selling Tips and Tricks

The piles are overtaking my garage and my children are begging to hold a Garage Sale “Yes” they have big plans of raking in the dough by selling off their no longer wanted possessions.

I on the other hand realize the many hours of work it will take to create this adventurous opportunity for my children. So, even though every bone in my body says “No”, “No”, drop it off at the goodwill I believe every MOM should at least allow her children a ONE time opportunity of holding their own Garage Sale.

I know some of you are professional garage sale entrepreneurs – I just am NOT I see it as a ton of work for little return. So, being I am not the pro I went searching for some advice from the pros out there on both holding a garage sale and becoming a garage sale shopper.

Tips for Garage Sale Entrepreneurs :

10 Tips from my web surfing:

1. Have change available – Quarters, $1 bills, $5 bills. Do not use a cash box – Keep money on you at all times.

2. Be willing to bargain.

3. Advertise- Newspaper, web sites, facebook your friends, email, craigslist, bright colored signs around your neighborhood.

4. Price EVERYTHING – Use stickers. Promote more expensive items with signs.

5.Play background music.

6. Allow customers to Test electronic items- have plus available.

7. Display items in groups and categories to make it easy for your shoppers to See things .

8. Check out more GREAT Tips at 24/7 MOMS

My FaceBook Friends Tips:

Jennifer Henderson Scott at 6:37pm May 11 via Facebook Mobile
Keep your stuff cheap! I always want to remind people when I am at their garage sale that this is stuff they are trying to get rid of…their junk. If it is cheap enough, you will get rid of more stuff & you’ll make more money in the long run! Having a “free” box also draws people. And let the kids sell some of their own toys & keep the money-they think its lots of fun!!

Lori Stockham Johnson at 2:46pm May 11
Buy some donuts from the grocery store bakery and let your kids set up their own sales booth…they will make good money and keep you company without being involved in the selling of all their old stuff.

Jamie Seger at 11:36am May 11
make lots of bright, colorful and pretty signs… have exciting & fun music playing (hubby and I like upbeat – bluesy tunes or Beach Boys)… let your kids have a lemonade stand or sell hot dogs – it will really draw customers in and your children will be very proud of the $ they make!… make sure all items are very organized… put name brand … Read More clothing on hangers or on top of clothing piles… wipe dirt and grime off of old toys and collectibles… put batteries in old toys as well. Hope that helps!

Erica Youde Nygaard at 10:44am May 11
I like to have a garage sale with a friend to share the work and the advertising! More fun too! Also, always be willing to haggle over the price with the customer!.

Karra Lantz at 8:28pm May 11
What I have learned is to for go having a garage sale and take it to the Goodwill instead. Clutter is instantly gone and the $100 dollars I would have made for all of that work would come out to less than min. wage for all the time it takes to run a garage sale.

Deborah Hendrickson at 7:13am May 12
Trisha, my sister-in-law Jill just sent out a garage sale e-mail. I have never seen that. But, sure saves your Fri. & Sat.!

I asked Debbie for a few more detail on this Idea – Jill sent out an email with the detail of everything she wanted to get rid of showing she include both items she was giving away for FREE and ones she was selling. She also asked that they forward the email to any one else that might be interested. Great time saver.

My Twitter Followers tips:

@MomEzine Advertise! Nowadays many people don’t carry cash on them, so you go for the people that are planning to go shopping at yard sale

@IMXE98 have things out so people don’t have to dig. I really hate that!.

@McCammon1Icon_lock Dont over price, but go ip just a little so people can haggle and think they are getting a better deal!!!

@MsSilpada Color-coded stickers that represent a price. .25, .50, 1.00, etc. No writing!

@BootcampMommy Use colored paper for you ad signs

@MelaniedeJonge plan ahead – newspaper and google maps, baby! 😀

@KathieLB Set up a table and sell coffee and donuts!

FREEbie Places to Advertise:

Garage Sale Tracker –

Craigs List –

Yard Sale Search –

Mall Garage Sales –

Garage Sale Source-

Garage Sale Hunter –

FREEbie Garage Sale Kit:

Free down loadable Garage Sale kit at Family Fun. Click here to get your kit.

This handy kit makes it simple to create attention-getting garage sale signs and tags with attractive, easy-to-use designs. So get the family together, clean the clutter out of those closets, and get ready for the crowds to come calling.

Web Sites:

Yard Sale Queen
has LOTS of great tips, ideas and even a forum to chat about Garage Sales stop by her site at

Stop in tomorrow for Tips and Tricks of Shopping at Garage Sales

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