Favorite 7 – Things To Keep In Your Car

MOM Tip: 7 of my favorite things to keep in my car.
1. Blanket
2. Water Bottles
3. Snacks
4. Wet Wipes /Hand Sanitizer
5. Flashlight
6. Plastic bags
7. Activity box for kids/ MOM Bag with book, magazines.

What is your Favorite thing to keep in your car?

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6 Responses

  1. Don’t forget…
    -Stationary for those last minute teacher notes.
    -Pencils for the homework being done in transit.
    -Envelopes and stamps for those quick letters or bills that are on deadline.
    -Junior Tylenol chew tabs, a tweezer, and Band-aids for the boo boos.
    -A sharpie for all of the personal items your children just have to bring to school with them.
    -A book on CD for the in between moments.
    -A pair of scissors
    Last but not least…


    SMILE On!


  2. ~Motrin
    ~Band aids/neosporin
    ~Restaurant coupons
    ~Hand sanitizer
    ~Coffee mug (Like to use my own at the coffee shop)
    ~jumper cables (ya never know when you’ll need them)

  3. – vitamin C drops for coughing kids
    – dental floss or floss stick thingys
    – chapstick
    – regular strength tylenol
    – manual pencil sharpener and wooden pencils (homework on the go)
    – steno pad for lists or teacher notes
    – crank flashlight
    – altoids
    – film canister full of quarters

  4. Lip Balm
    Hydrocortisone cream
    deposit slips
    bug spray
    better yet the new combo of bug/sun screen
    folding chair
    hot/cold bag ($2 at walmart)
    collapsible cooler
    coupon book
    organizer for all of your stuff

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