National Turn Off The TV Week – Day 2

The Novotny’s survived Day 1 – well ALMOST that is. Savannah daughter #2 did happen to forget for a few minutes in the AM. She had a late start morning at school so thought she would kick back and watch a little TV , until the MOM heard that talking box and quickly reminder her.

The afternoon was spent walking the dog, helping mom unload groceries, baking cookies, doing homework and playing the Pokemon version of monopoly. I did see a few tears from Caleb asking to watch TV he was tired and ready to chill but I stood strong and got his brain re-focused ( not an easy task with this kid) on baking cookies- which we had a blast learning about measuring, pouring gently , cracking eggs along with eating lots of cookie dough.

How was DAY 1 in your home?

So now onto Day 2 – I will be gone this afternoon taking Shelbi Daughter #1 to an interview and prom dress shopping so it’s all up to Dad to stand strong with the other kids.

I have suggested :
* A trip to Ben & Jerry’s to get a FREE ice Cream cone ( see yesterdays blog).
* Continue the game of monopoly
* work in the garden ( Little boys love helping dad)
* Practice Baseball.

As for Daughter #2 Savannah, she has a show practice all evening so she is fully occupied away from the TV.

What do you have planned for Day #2 ?

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2 Responses

  1. You have inspired me. No TV this week for the Warren Family. I will keep you posted on how well we do. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. We are doing well! The Girls have just played this afternoon and tomorrow we are off to the park! 🙂

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