My Mothers Day gift to ME – You will want one

Have you Ever picked out, ordered and bought your own Mothers Day gift? Well that is what I am doing this year.

I love to wear jewelry that represents something about m world especially my kids.

Ever since those cute little birthstone kids went out of style, I have yet to find another necklace that I can wear to represent all 5 of my kids that I loved. Until, a few days ago While Sitting at one of my sons Little League games I noticed that my girlfriend Kathy was wearing a MOM necklace, which I instantly fell in love with and inquired where she had purchased it. Only to find out she actually creates them and sells them for both Moms and Grandmas.

So, knowing how much I instantly fell in love with the idea of owning my own, I thought I might share these beautiful necklaces with you in case you are interested in Picking out, ordering and buying your own Mothers day gift or if you are on the hunt for the perfect Mothers Day gift for your your Mother, Mother in law, Grandmother or any other mom that you are shopping for. This would also make great birthday gifts and new mommy gifts.

These beautiful MOMMY necklaces sell for :
$36 for 16″
$38 for 18″
$40 for $20″
Each necklace include s up to 4 charms – $2 for additional charms (1-4 more).

You can place your order by Contacting my girlfriend Kathy Berry at

I can’t wait to wear mine with 5 charms representing my 5 great kids.

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5 Responses

  1. This is JUST what I’ve been looking for! THANK YOU for blogging your great find! I just sent an email to Kathy – I can hardly wait to hear back from her!!! Thanks again!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to All! I have and am finishing rsaniig 5 boys! They range from 23 to 14. Two are married, ones in college, and 2 are still living at home. I always love to read something new that I haven’t. Not only for me, but my husband and I reach out to a lot of other Moms and couples and this would be a great tool!Happy Mother’s Day!

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