Day 6 – National Turn Off The TV Week

The count down is on 48 more hours of no TV. Will we continue to survive? or maybe it’s more like will the parents survive?

Yes, there have been those moments of my wanting these children to go chill in front of the TV, to give me the mom time to finish the laundry, do the dishes or even make a bed without someone saying “Mom can you play______”, “Mom can you help us_______ “, “Mom can we______”. I have to remind myself each time that this was my idea to turn off the TV and take the challenge.

My goal is not only to survive this week of no TV, it is also to create new rules in our home of how much TV is watched on a daily basis. I figure with Summer just ahead now is the perfect time to set some new rules. My thinking is if they can turn it completely off for a week, the withdraws from here on out will be less and less for the Novotny TV addicts.

How much TV do you allow your kids to watch each day?

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