Day 5 – National Turn Off The TV Week

Another day of Survival. My husband and I are enjoying the extra attention we seem to be getting these days from our kids. Now that they are not so occupied with the TV. We have noticed that our two youngest seem to stay pretty close to us around the house moving from room to room with us dragging along their toys. Nothing real exciting to report about Day 4 other then we SURVIVED.

Today is Day 5 with a little league game after school for Nate-no, Savannah’s opening night of 42nd Street and #1 Son – Stephen arriving home for the weekend we should be pretty occupied tonight with our family.

My 2 youngest boys are wondering why they are doing this challenge and why other families are not? I guess they have been taking a survey around school and the neighborhood only to now realize there is not a LAW making it mandatory to turn off your TV’s for a week. OOPS guess the truth has been revealed, I never actually told them it was a LAW.

Now to plan for the weekend- this might become a VERY long weekend with no Talking Box.

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