Day 4 – National Turn Off The TV Week

No tears on Day 3. We did have a full day of School, Lego club, Little League game, show rehearsal and homework. I was asked by Savannah “When can we watch TV again” as in how many days are we doing this crazy Turn off the TV challenge in our home? “Monday” was my reply, she accepted it and moved on to chatting about something else.

Day 4 and we are now 1/2 way through our “no TV” challenge WHEW!!!!

Today the MOM needs to create some fun as we don’t have such a busy day already scheduled. If it’s not raining we can work on the garden, which the 2 younger boys enjoy. However, we do live in Washington and rain is in the forecast. So, plan “B” this afternoon will be helping Caleb put together his Lego project he has been needing help on and more Monopoly. The girls have shopping plans this afternoon then they have events to attend tonight.

The big question might be is HOW is the Dad surviving this? He has attempted to turn on the TV at night in our bedroom to watch the news. I quickly have to remind him that if he turns on the TV how will that go over with our children? TV remains off.

Is you family having TV withdraws?

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  1. oh wow..just found out! I’m definitely starting this tomorrow..I need some peace and quiet in this house and the kids to get off the couch! Thanks for sharing:)

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