Todays Moms Twitter Party

Last Saturday I participated in a fabulous Twitter party hosted by the producers of the Today show and authors of Todays Moms book.

The party theme was ” Share your best parenting advice”

Here are some of the great words of MOMisdom (mom wisdom) tweeted during the Twitter party. of

@TadahMom: When the children are getting louder – start whispering to them.

@StyleAve: Every night ask ur kid 5 good things others did for them that day, and 5 good things they did for others.
@247moms: Create sister time between ur teenage daughters.
@toohottotbling: make sure you show your child you really love them even when they do something terrible.
@multitaskingme: Be willing to apologize to your kids when you’ve messed up…no parent is perfect.
@StyleAve: do the unexpected. Wake them up at midnight for a full moon picnic. They’ll always remember that!
@sdbargainmama: We have our kids rewind and ’start over’ when communication goes sour…and we do the same, too.
@Pam_Glidden: My favorite tip: Sing 2 yr baby every day. Pick a song & make it baby’s signature tune. It will soothe.
@typeamom: When u see a Mom or Dad being a good parent — even a stranger — tell them! We all need to hear that!
@TheMomCave: Parenting Tip!!Hug!! Hug a LOT. Hug when they are sad, Hug when they are awesome. Hug when they are bad, Hug just because!!!
We all had so much fun that I wanted to share with you about another upcoming Twitter Party with the Todays Moms.
To celebrate the release of their upcoming book this April, the producers of the Today Show and authors of Todays Moms will be hosting a live “Ask the Author” session on twitter.

The event will take place on Tuesday, March 24th between 2-4 pm EST.
Mary Ann and Alicia (@todaysmoms) would also like to encourage you to ask questions ahead of time using the tag #asktodaysmoms or leave a question on their facebook page.
And for the actual event they’ll be using the tag #todaysmoms to keep up with the tweets.
So join us with your burning questions and learn how these two busy executives and the other co-hosts from the Today Show managed to survive parenthood amidst their crazy lifestyles!
Not a Tweeter yet? Create your own Twitter account then be sure to follow 24/7 MOMS and tweet with us.
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