TODAY’S MOMS Save money – Kids Haircuts

Today I have a 2nd edition to our Frugal Living event, not only is it a GREAT mom tip but there is another giveaway so be sure to enter to WIN.

Now for that 2nd edition:

We are all looking for ways to cut back on our spending, one suggestion given to us by the TODAY’S MOMS is to begin cutting our Childrens hair at home.

Check out these two videos on cutting your Childrens hair

WARNING: If you ALLOW the Dad to take on the responsibility of the kids haircuts in your home, you just might have to live with the results like I did.

I will admit I threw a huge mommy tantrum when I arrived home to these new haircuts, only to have Caleb my then 8 year old say “Mom, just go with the flow!”. He was right hair grows back and sometimes Dads need to be the haircut hero in the eyes of their sons.


“Today’s Moms” MaryAnn Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo are two of the amazing producers of the Today Show who have their first MOM book ‘Today’s Moms” coming out on April 7th 2009. Right now you can WIN 1 of 10 autographed copies by becoming a Fan of the TODAY’S MOMS Facebook page at be sure to enter this giveaway on their Facebook page.

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One Response

  1. yep, my son got the mohawk too. it’s just hair I know, but it was this past January! just too cold for that!

    another helpful hint: get your haircut at your local beauty school. they are learning, but it is required for their instructor to double check everything, including your satisfaction. much less than any salon.
    I go for pedicures and facials too!

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