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Designed for Teens – Tailored for Parents

As the economic crisis hits our wallet and savings accounts hard, it in turn significantly affects the relationship our kids have with money. As our discretionary spending becomes more tightly controlled, an argument at the dinner table over that new pair of designer jeans can make pushing veggies on your kids seem easy. This proves even tougher when dealing with tweens and teens who want access to plastic, where the set allowance suddenly gets overspent at the mall.

To help us balance the desire of our kids with the balance in our checking accounts, Discover Card came up with a truly innovative debit card called Current by Discover Card, designed especially for kids ages 13 to 18. The Current Card helps us teach our kids born in a digital age how to manage spending. Like car companies that allow you to set the maximum speed limit on your teen’s car, Current by Discover Card puts moms in control by letting you set (daily, weekly, monthly) spending limits, block certain merchant categories (like ATMs and liquor stores) and track your teen’s spending online or through email and text message alerts. Plus, because it’s a debit card product, the card stops working when the limit is reached without incurring any additional fees, which protects your teens from overspending.

As parents, we have the responsibility to discuss wise spending habits as a family. Discover Card created an online resource, to help us talk with our kids about managing and spending money, and the importance of setting limits.

Two of my favorite features:

– Meaningful Rewards: Teens are eligible for members-only in-store coupons and online discounts when they use their card at select restaurants, movie theaters and teen-friendly merchants. What’s more, parents earn Discover Cashback Bonus or Miles when they load their teen’s Current Card using their Discover Card.

-Advanced Security Features: Current is protected by Discover’s $0 fraud liability, which means cardmembers are never responsible for unauthorized charges – online, offline, anytime, anywhere. Current cards that are lost or stolen will be temporarily suspended or deactivated, and cardmembers will be eligible for an emergency replacement.

Do you have a TIP for the 24/7 MOMS on teaching budget and frugal spending to your tweens and teens? Share it with us by leaving a comment or emailing it to

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