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Getting Organized, Solves Chaos and Saves Time

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Today we’ll direct you to free resources on the internet where you can begin (or update) how you organize to get the most from your Frugal Life and the daily adventure that is “Motherhood”.

When we are more organized, we can find the energy and time required for home cooked meals (frugal meal planning & shopping), teaching our children (being an example of self-discipline and giving them our time & attention), and enough of ourselves left over to reach our personal goals.

What we’re trying to avoid is alternative to being organized. So much precious time is wasted spent repeating tasks and searching for tools or paperwork—not to mention missing the benefits of using our resources wisely. As a mom, we are subject to the feelings of guilt when we eat out too often, are max-stressed, and miss those “teachable moments” with our children. Taking action to change these patterns takes time, but it also blesses us with time we would not have otherwise had.

Once you’re using these valuable tools, your day will allow you some reading time. Consider checking out these two favorite “Frugal Living Bookshelf” authors featured today.

Ready? Let’s organize!

Household, Kitchen, Journaling, Calendars and More – All free forms here:

This is an organizers bonanza of forms. Full size fits into a standard 3-ring binder; half size appears to be suitable for a day-planner size notebook. Each category has more than one form to choose from. Bonus item in the journaling category; “Commonly Misspelled Words”, two pages of words you might want to spell away from home, and away from “spell-check”. Home schooling planners and schoolwork pages are also there for the printing. Home schoolers can download handwriting sheets, math teaching pages and more.

Help for the Family Manager: Download and Print the “Exit Planner”, Kids Chore Charts, Party Planners, Medical History forms, and Meal/Grocery forms:

Kathy Peel equips you with free, downloadable tools to get your day in order. Her unique ideas include the “Exit Checklist” (saves you from forgetting things once you’ve driven away from home) and the medical history forms for keeping track of everyone’s medications and conditions. At Family you must register to access these forms. With your free registration, you will receive periodic emails from, with great ideas and updates. A free study guide to Kathy Peel’s “Busy Mom’s Guide to Organized Life” is available here. It is worth a read, even if you do not have the book. There are inspirational quotes and opportunities for reflection.

Inspirational Books for the Busy Moms:

Emilie Barnes, “More Hours in My Day”:

Sit down with this author and be taught by someone who has raised her family with love, care, and joy. Ms. Barnes has written a number of books, all of which will help you with your daily tasks, and loving your family, everyday with order and love.

Barbara Mang: “Help Wanted for Busy Moms; Quick and Easy Ways to Add Time to Your Day”

Ms. Mang understands the desires we have to love our families while meeting their needs with energy and organization. Chapters such as “We’re Starved!; Fixing a Good, Fast Dinner Every Night”, “There’s Nothing Like a Friend; Nurturing Your Relationship with God and Others”, and “Are We There Yet; Streamlining the Family Schedule” come complete with forms, recipes and quick tips to set you on a course for family efficiency. “Keep it Simple, Sweetheart” discusses money management, including a list of ideas for supplementing your income, inexpensive gifts, and a list of ideas to tighten the family’s financial belt. A comprehensive index guides you to your subject of interest.

Today’s Frugal Giveaway: “Home Organizer Notebook”

Designed to put your mind at ease, and ease your daily chaos, this notebook serves as your “home-base notebook”. Keep track of magazine subscriptions, passwords, budget forms, rebates/freebies tracker, clippings of inspirational tidbits, vacation planning pages, meal plans, journaling your frugal journey (track that progress & watch it grow!), student school information – anything you need at your fingertips, you can place in this book. Three-ring binder, dividers, pockets, a two-pocket folder, and lined paper are the foundation for finding what you need, faster. (The free forms listed above would be perfect for this organizer, and would increase your home efficiency.)

Imagine a place to look for all of those things that otherwise stack up on your counter or can’t be found when needed. Model for your children and your friends your new life of
less chaos, less stress – and best of all, more FREE time.

For 24/MOMS, this “SavingCentsEveryday
Home Organizer” giveaway notebook will also include a generous amount of surprise resources and great ideas.

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Frugal Quotes for Thought:

Watches are so named as a reminder – if you don’t watch carefully what you do with your time, it will slip away from you. ~Drew Sirtors

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzo, Chinese Philosopher

“If you can drive yourself crazy…you can drive yourself happy.”
-Karen Salmansohn, from her book ‘The Bounce Back Book: How to Thrive in the Face of Adversity, Setbacks and Losses

Inspiring Website, For Getting on Track to Your Goals:

What do YOU want to do in life? There are others aiming for those same goals. Cheer each other on and give of your experience to help others. Need inspiration, find it here. You’ll see your not alone in reaching goals and bringing dreams to life. Top subjects include: “Money and Wealth”, “Creativity and Expression”, “Relationships”, and “Travel”. Log on, register your goals and begin today, a community awaits to encourage you!

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