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In challenging economic times, many of us wonder how we can balance the rise in prices with some extra income. Online and off, there are several legitimate ways to earn income.

Today we are going to talk about some ideas on Making Money in the tough economic times. Be sure to also check out today’s Giveaway from Fiber ONE, if you are a chocolate addict like me then you will not want to miss out entering to WIN this one.

Making Money Online:, and Writer or not, you have good ideas. Writing product reviews, sharing of hobbies or talents, news articles, “how-to’s”, travel critiques and others can make you money. By joining their ranks as a writer, you’ll join supportive communities ready to show you the ropes. Following the completion of your article, you’ll receive an offer for upfront payment (or a request for you to re-write/re-submit), and later, dividends on the popularity of your article.

Finding Work at Home Opportunities:

When researching offers of work at home opportunities, there are a few guidelines:

-Always research the company with the Better Business Bureau
The BBB offers a page on their website to prevent you from becoming a victim of a work at home scam:

-The Federal Trade Commission offers several online articles, free of charge, to aid you in being aware of what to look for when dealing with work at home offers.

An Example of Work at Home Possibilities:

Alpine – Hires individuals to work as customer care professionals, from their home:

Get Paid for Your Time and Opinions:

These sites send you emails, offering survey or product testing opportunities. Some rewards add up faster than others. Earn cash, products or gift cards. Use a secondary email address to help you keep order of the incoming offers. Three favorites:
My Survey:
My View

Shop, Review and Be Paid:

Several reputable companies will hire you to complete assignments which rate customer service. Dining, shopping and visiting retail establishments will be reimbursed, depending on the assignment. Some assignments involve only the placing of a phone call or to visit a movie theatre to check on promotional materials. Before signing up with any company, review the tips posted by regarding secret shopping scams:

You can find a list of mystery shopping companies at Volition. There are companies throughout the country:
(Certified and Bestmark are examples of two companies to work for)

Network! Seek and Find Shopping Jobs and advice from other Mystery Shoppers.

Sweepstakes! You can be a winner, when you’re in the mood to do a little surfing. is the place to find tons of sweepstakes and contests. Prizes range from trips to products, coupons, gift cards, etc. The smaller the prize, usually better the chance of winning, but you never know. Your local paper and the homepages of your favorite products or companies are excellent sources for winnable contests.

Making Money Close to Home:

Sell your Crafts and Creations: is an online marketplace for you to sell your handmade items. Local boutiques, consigners, and craft sales are other places to look to sell your wares.

Writing for Publications:
If you’ve ever considered being a freelance writer, check out the Writers Guides at your local library. Research the types of articles your preferred publications are looking for and submit your work per their guidelines. (Tip: Google for a local writers’ group or writers’ conference in your area to help you in your writing journey.)

What’s Your Skill?
Conduct a survey of your skills and interests. Look around you; you’ll see the needs of others. How can you turn your talents and time into extra cash? Put the word of what you can do and look for places that you might be of use. Community classes at a local community college, errand services, senior center job banks, and babysitting are some options. Research the licenses you may need, and join clubs or organizations where people looking for your talents may be.

Magazines: Cash in on your stories, jokes, ideas and other great ideas. The thrill of seeing your name in print, in a magazine can be great- better is being paid for your thoughts. Acquire contact information with a visit to the magazine section of your favorite library. Try, try again – when it happens, it’s inspiring!

Bottom Line: Whatever your skill or interest, there is an organization in your community to begin finding your extra income. Sometimes making extra income begins with volunteer work and/or networking to acquire the skills those doing the hiring require. Utilize community bulletin boards,, church newsletters, etc. to find your opportunities.

Frugal Living Quotes for Thought:

“Each and every one of us should have something we’re chasing every single morning, to be excited about the day, and then go after it.”

-Kevin Carrol, aka “The Kayalyst,” motivational speaker and author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball: Find and Sustain Your Life’s Work

Frugal Living Book Review: “Saving Money Any Way You Can; How to Become a Frugal Family”, by Mike Yorkey

Written by consumers (research from real families), for consumers, this book leads you through the process of reducing your spending. Cooking & Shopping ideas, negotiation tactics for getting the best deal, and lists of resources (not to mention ten appendixes of quick reading) to further your frugal efficiency are included in a straight-forward, family approach.

Today’s Frugal Living Giveaway:

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