Valentine Idea #7 – The Hunt is On

Everyone loves a treasure hunt. So, each valentines day I create a valentine treasure hunt for my family by hiding their Valentine baskets of goodies. I place written clues around the house in which they work as a team to discover where thier hidden Valentine treasure is. We begin the hunt by giving them their first clue at the dinner table after we have eaten our meal and off teh goto disocver their Valentien treasure.

My kids are already talking about the big hunt coming up on February 14th.

Alternative Treasure hunt ideas:

Conversation Heart hunt: Place conversation hearts around your home and send your kids to find them.Candy Kiss trail – make a trial using candy kisses that lead to a Valentine.

SurpriseHeart Hunt – Fill plastic hearts with goodies and hide them similar to an easter egg hunt.

Happy Treasure hunting!Share your Treasure hunting ideas with us by emailing us at

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