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The 24/7 MOMS E-Cookie exchange continues today with a BIY encouragement to us MOMS who are looking for ways to pinch our pennies this Christmas season.

This holiday it’s BIY (bake it yourself)
by Danille Simmons

If you’re weathering the economic storm, why not save a little dough (no pun intended) this holiday season and make some dough of your own – bake cookies and give as gifts! Cooking can lighten the stress of worrying how to fit gifts into an already pinched budget. Cookies are easy, affordable, and can be made ahead of time to satisfy the busiest of schedules. Cookies made ahead of time can be frozen until you’re ready to wrap and give. Baked from the heart is just as thoughtful as that must have scarf or gadget. And, cooking at home can be fun for the whole family. Why not put on a few holiday tunes, fire up the oven, and bake!

The holidays are a time of joy. Good friends, family and parties and gifts. However, this year, it seems every day a new report or news story to tell us what we already know – times are tough. It’s hard not to say Bah –humbug! We’re all hunkering down and doing our best to save money. We’re pinching our pennies a bit more and stretching dollars as far as they will go. Try not to let the Scrooginess of the economy get you down. Bake gifts for family and friends. Nothing says I love you more than food baked from the heart.
how2heroes, a website for food lovers and enthusiasts, is sharing its top 5 recipes, which go beyond fruitcake, to jumpstart creative baking ideas.

1) Peanut Brittle

howtoheros.com has loads more of great cooking 
information, such as clever packaging ideas, what to do with all those yummy leftovers. Check it out.
Share your  Cookie and Baking recipes with the 24/7 MOMS by sending them to trisha@247moms.com

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