Day 20 – 25 Days of MOMS Christmas Favorites giveaways – Caesar Golf Balls

On the 20th day of the 25 Days of MOMS Christmas Favorites we found the perfect stocking stuffer for the golfers on your list, the smooth surface ball from Caesar Golf Company, these will become the conversation of the day this Christmas.

These Caesar golf balls are a smooth surface golf ball that allows golfers to hit straight, accurate drives, without hook or slice, and rolls smoothly, without wobble on the greens, is going to be a hot gift for men this holiday season.

The dimple-free ball, compliant with USGA and R&A (U.S. and UK golfing standards organizations) regulations, has a center ground core that creates a perfectly balanced ball. No more worries about a sweet spot.

“Each dimple on a traditional golf ball adversely reacts to each blade of grass from the golfer to the hole,” explains Vin Lee, CEO, Caesar Golf Company. “Caesar golf balls fly down the fairway or roll straight for the cup with the precision of a billiard ball.”

Dimple patterns were developed to give balls more distance. However, the presence of dimples on golf balls is often what causes a ball to hook or slice. The Caesar has been hit more than 230 yards in test, but was developed for accuracy, not distance.

“The golf ball industry has been focused on a Neanderthal mentality of powering the ball as far as possible,” says Lee. “Actually, the game of golf is about precision, placing each shot where you want it, not just trying to rocket out over the highway.”

The research scientists and engineers that developed the final design, materials and mold for the Caesar ball have been involved in golf ball manufacturing for more than 30 years. They became intrigued with the idea of a smooth circumference ball and agreed to work with Caesar Golf Company to produce a ball based on Vin Lee’s design.

“You only need a few of these balls,” said Lee, “Because they will go where you hit them. You won’t be spending all your time in the rough.”
Caesar Golf Balls are available online and in golf specialty stores by the holidays.

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Caesar Golf company
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