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My Thanksgiving dinner has not even been eaten, let alone cooked. But we as moms are already thinking, planning and shopping for Christmas. So, today our Thrifty Finds are focused Holiday frugal ideas to help you as you begin your Holiday Shopping.

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Bargain Shopping

We are just days away from what some moms believe to be the Shopping day of the year BLACK FRIDAY. So, How can we get the most out of this incredible day of shopping?
We asked Kim from Mommy Savers if we could share her 10 Black Friday Shopping tips with our 24/7 MOMS and she willingly gave us her amazing Black Friday tips.
Be sure to check out Kim’s website and become a frugal mommy saver.
Black Friday Shopping Tips
by Kimberly Danger

For many people, shopping is just as much a part of Thanksgiving weekend as turkey and pumpkin pie. In fact, last year more than 140 million shoppers hit stores on Black Friday alone. Besides being the first day of the Christmas shopping season, Black Friday marks the day when retailers realize profits — going from being “in the red” to “in the black” – hence the name.

Before you brave the crowds of frenzied shoppers, here are some tips to make the most of your bargain hunting experience:

1. Plan Ahead

Most sales fliers go out with the Thanksgiving newspaper, but information is largely available on the internet weeks ahead of time. Plan your shopping strategy as early as possible. Sites like clue shoppers in to what will be on sale at major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Toys R Us will offer on Friday morning.

2. Have a Backup Plan

While most places offer limited quantities of doorbuster items, the sale merchandise that isn’t quite so hot is readily available. If you’re visiting a store for a doorbuster item, make sure that there is something besides else your list. Otherwise the odds of leaving empty-handed (and having wasted precious shopping time) increase dramatically.

3. Comparison Shop

You may want to browse the internet and comparison shop before you set foot in the stores. What seems like a good deal isn’t actually all it’s cracked up to be and may not be worth standing in line for. Look up current pricing on major sites like, and

4. Prep Your Car

If you’re going to be bringing home a new plasma screen TV, you’ll want to make sure there’s room for it in your vehicle. Make sure the trunk is cleaned out or back seats removed from your van. Top off your tank to avoid wasting time at the gas station.

5. Dress Appropriately

For most people, this means boots, mittens, hats and a warm coat. Don’t try to be too fashion conscious; just be comfortable. Be prepared to wait outside in some situations. Leave your purse at home and just bring a credit card or enough cash. It’s one more thing to worry about or potentially get lost or stolen.

6. Arrive Early

If you snooze, you lose – especially on Black Friday. Most of the doorbuster promotions begin as early as 5 am and are available in limited quantities only. In some cases you’ll need to arrive several hours before the doors actually open to get the best deals. Many stores have started to use a numbering system to be fair to shoppers who have camped out in line for the store to open. As they enter, they are handed a number to allow them to purchase in-demand items.

7. Shop with a Partner

Send one person to the checkout lanes while the other snatches up the bargains. Keep your cell phones charged so you can easily meet up later. Leave the kids at home. Crowded aisles and unscrupulous shoppers can be a dangerous combination for small children.

8. Take Advantage of Price Matching

Some stores will also honor the advertised prices of their competitors – even on Black Friday. Use this strategy to your advantage to avoid long lines. Make sure you take the competitor’s flyer with you – otherwise you may be out of luck.

A similar strategy involves buying the item ahead of time, returning it on Black Friday and immediately re-buying it at the lower price. The ethics of this are questionable and most stores don’t appreciate customers who do it. Some stores have even made Black Friday exempt from their regular price-matching policy.

9. Realize Additional Savings

If you’re making a big-ticket purchase, consider signing up for a store credit card to save an additional 10-15% on the transaction.

10. Shop Online

Avoid the hassle and gas expense by shopping online. Some sites even start their Black Friday promotions on midnight – well before their bricks and mortar stores open. The Monday following Thanksgiving, known as Cyber Monday, is one of the busiest days for online shopping as employees head back to work (and their computers) after the holiday weekend. Many sites offer special deals to Cyber Monday shoppers. Be sure to look for online coupon codes for additional

Frugal Holiday saving Tips:

This weeks frugal MOM holiday money saving idea comes from Sonja Gardner

This year is very tight for us financially since I am staying home with the children while my husband is working.  For gifts, I am buying things at dollar stores or Wal-Mart to save money.  It is amazing what fun little items you can find if you really look for them!  People should always remember that it is the thought that counts the most when giving gifts.  I am also making gifts such as soup-in-a-jar and cookie-mix-in-a-jar mixes.  People really seem to love these gifts, and it helps us save money.


Sonja Gardner
Bothell Mom of Two Adorable Boys

Share your frugal Holiday saving tips with the 24/7 MOMS – send your ideas to us at 

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