Day 6- 25 Days of Moms Christmas Favorites giveaways

On the Sixth day of the 25 days of MOMS Christmas Favorites we found the perfect gift to develop young minds creatively Goosie Cards.

Goosie Cards® are the first and only custom flash cards for children. Goosie Cards are created online by the magic of your personal photos, creativity and language…by you for your children. Members log in to their account at, upload their own photos, add text to their cards and check out. All Goosie Cards are created and shipped to customers within in 3 days. It’s that easy!

Making Goosie Cards is fun! Every 
Goosie Card is unique with your favorite, real life photo and text. They are an innovative learnin
g tool, designed to have fun with your photos, while creatively teaching your child about th
eir world. They help your child learn visual object recognition in a playful way and help initiate 
communication. You can make a special set of flash cards for a little one that stars each member of their family to teach them who’s who or maybe their own set of personal ABCs to teach them every letter in the alphabet from their point of view…like Mm is for Mommy. The wonderful thing about Goosie Cards is that they grow with your child. There is really no age limit on the custom cards because they are created as your child develops their reading, language and communication skills. You can create 10, 20 or 26 custom cards and the prices range from $28 to $46.

Another unique feature that we offer is a Goosie® Gallery that offers over 150 FREE full color, beautiful professional photos to help you design your cards. Members can customize their cards with any combination of personal and stock photos to help reflect their child’s immediate environment. Goosie Cards are the ultimate flash cards because their design capabilities are user friendly and flexible!

You can also give a Goosie gift certificate for 10, 20 or 26 cards that can be redeemed on line at Each gift certificate is addressed with your personal message for FREE. The gift certificate is enclosed in a high quality tri-fold gift package and includes everything you need to know about the company, the web site and directions on how to redeem the gift certificate. It also includes one custom Goosie Card sample for a hands-on experience of the quality of the cards. The best part about the gift package is that the price includes the cost of shipping and handling of the completed flash card set to the recipient, so it makes a great gift! Ships in 3 days and prices start at $34 for 10 cards.

Goosie flash cards are also available and can be purchased “as is”. This is a perfect gift for a parent that loves the quality of our cards and photographs. They are wonderful teaching tools for children. Each set is created with full color, beautiful, professional photos designed to stimulate young minds. There are 11 categories to choose from: ABC’s, Animal Kingdom, 123’s, Favorite Foods, Head to Toe, What to Wear, Sign Language, Trucks & Tractors, Shapes & Colors, Mix & Match and our new category Busy Bugs (release date November). Stock card sets range in age from 3 months to 5 years. Cards ship in 3 days and prices range from $16 to $32 depending on the set.

Goosie Cards are also being used by parents, teachers and medical professionals in the autism and special needs community. The benefit of Goosie Cards is that parents and teachers have the flexibility to teach and communicate with real life photos that reflect the world around each child, exactly as it is so it meets the needs of each unique child. Goosie Cards can help children with autism to learn a variety of skills to communicate effectively in the following areas: social, emotional, sequential, memory and communication skills. I support these families with a discount program to provide some relief in price, while providing one of the most advanced, communication learning systems on the market. The wonderful thing about Goosie Cards is that they are for every child!

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